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Week 6: Clemson vs Georgia Tech

One day, maybe, we'll have a normal tailgate.
One where it's pretty and sunny and perfect football weather. We'll be able to park in our own grass parking lot. It'll be a girls + guys tailgate rather than a girls only one.
One day.
That day was not this past weekend. After four glorious days of sunshine, we woke up to torrential downpours and a thunderstorm Saturday morning. You know, exactly what Columbia needed: more rain. My mom and I hit the road mid morning for Clemson & we were greeted with this view when we got to our parking lot:

Mud. Mud. MUD.
Plus a cop knocking on our window to inform us that we would not be allowed in our parking lot due to the conditions. So we drove around to Lot 11 where we had been directed. Nope, try again, we couldn't get into that muddy mess of a lot either.
We ended up parking at Brooks Center. It's a location familiar to us as we parked there for two seasons after I graduated Clemson. It's a fantastic lot... just nowhere close to anything.

But on the bright side, we were able to tailgate with some old family friends of ours and celebrate a sweet little two year old's birthday in the process.

Birthday party in Clemson? Does it get any better? Nope!

Holding on to this tent pole was a necessity in this picture. Do you see all of that mud we're standing in? It was so slippery!

& then it was game time!

Did it rain the entire time?

You bet it did.

But we embraced the rain AND another Tiger victory!
Clemson vs Georgia Tech - October 10, 2015
43-24, Clemson

My Tigers are now 5-0 and are either #5 or #6 in the country depending on which poll you look at. My team also has a fantastic coach. You can love him or hate him but you cannot deny that the guy is incredibly passionate about the things he cares about. His post game speeches and rants are the best.
We'll be back on Saturday, rain or shine, for Clemson's Homecoming against Boston College. Let's just say that we're hoping for more shine than rain! Right now the weather forecast has some amazing weather predicted for the weekend. Keep your fingers crossed for us!


  1. Seriously, what is with this season and all the rain?! Hoping you guys get a fully dry day next week but the tailgate still looks like a blast especially that sweet birthday!

  2. This is certainly one thing you'll remember about this season - all the dang rain! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. ugh i'm sorry about the rain and the parking lots and all that jam, but at least it looks like fun ;) you know, from the safety of my dry office looking at the computer screen. haha.

  4. Oh my gosh, baby birthday tailgate - so cute!! That really sucks about the rain, but at least you still got to enjoy it AND watch another win!!


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