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Cookie Bribery for Bridesmaids

I used to joke around that I had my entire wedding planned out, just needed Patrick to pop the question.

It was a topic of conversation that came up so often with my two best friends that I think they were getting a little tired of hearing about a wedding that wasn't actually officially a wedding yet. In fact, this might have been the last conversation I had with them in our group text the morning of the day that Patrick proposed.

As it turns out though, other than a few of the main things {time of year, city, church, pastor, band, and bridal party}... I had no idea what I wanted for my wedding. Not a clue. During our first meeting with our wedding planner, I think I used the phrase "umm, I'm not sure" or a variation of it at least two dozen times.
The good news is that both Patrick and I knew exactly who we wanted to ask to be in our bridal party. One of us {cough, cough...} has already accomplished asking her friends to be a part of our day & here's how I did it.
Remember that obsession that I have with Blue Flour Bakery cookies?

I had 8 rings, 7 dresses in bright colors, and 1 tuxedo made. Each ring had our wedding date on it and the dresses/tux had monograms or initials on them. I shipped out each package with a note to my friends, asking them to be a part of our big day.

Well... so one Maid of Honor currently lives in Cairo, Egypt so her cookies actually went to her sister {my other Maid of Honor} because apparently you can't ship things easily to Cairo. She just got a text message. Sorry, that's what you get for moving to Cairo! ;)

But everyone else received their note and cookies and said YES! Whew. How cute is my future sister-in-law with her cookie all the way over in London?

Curious about that tux cookie yet? I really wanted one of my very good friends since high school to be a part of our bridal party and luckily, so did Patrick. But I wanted to do the asking which is how he ended up with cookies, too.
July 30, 2016, here we come!


  1. Adorable! I'm sure they were thrilled to receive them!

  2. Oh my gosh those are adorable!! Love the sweet treat! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. Ah I did something similar when I asked my bridesmaids, SO fun (and delicious!!) Those dress cookies are so cute! I'm sure everyone is so excited!!

  4. aww these are so cute! i wish i had done something cute like this for my bridesmaids. i totally had most of my wedding planned before i was engaged, no shame :)

  5. LOVE this! Such a cute idea and these cookies are so pretty and look delicious!

  6. I LOVED my cookie and so did Andrew! They were so darn delicious. And, I'm pretty excited about the wedding, too :)


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