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Week 4: USC vs UCF

College Gameday is coming to Clemson! College Gameday is coming to CLEMSON!

Next Saturday is going to be wild: Notre Dame, College Gameday, and ESPN Sports Center are all coming to town for an 8pm showdown.

Can't wait.

But let's get back to this past Saturday's game. Clemson had a bye week this week and USC had a home game so we headed over to Williams Brice for the day. It was my first game at USC for the season and with a noon kickoff, it only made sense to go for a breakfast tailgate theme. Bacon, sausage, and pancakes.

Patrick manned the grill for the majority of the morning. But I took over once it was time for the pancakes.

There were also bellinis and new astro turf for the tailgate.

Can't say that I'm a big fan of rainy day tailgates, but I could totally get used to them if the rain is only a drizzle and there is plenty of good food and fun friends.

You  know you've been out of college for 5+ years when... you have no idea what drinking game is being played at the tailgate next to you and you could care less about throwing on a hat for the game. We saw a whole parade of college girls while we were tailgating and y'all, there were a lot of butt cheeks. And a huge lack of underwear. And then me over at our tailgate in jeans, a rain jacket, and a hat.

This season, Patrick has some new seats in Williams Brice. Not too bad, right?

We thought they were pretty good!

& I was a big fan of how easy it was to get to the concourse for french fries {they have some seriously delicious ones} and for the dippin' dots.

It was a much closer game than any USC fan would have preferred but I know UCF fans were loving the first half of that game! In the end though, USC came away with the win.

USC vs UCF: September 26, 2015
31 - 14, USC

PS, anybody out there a Panthers fan? I have a feeling that now that I've finally moved away from Charlotte that they're going to have an awesome season, be fantastic during the playoffs, and go to the super bowl. That would be my luck. Whatever. Go Panthers!


  1. The astro turf tailgate addition is perfect! I am already on pins and needles about the game this weekend... I wish it was a home game (for us...)! Hope you have a blasttttttt!

  2. Ok, first off. Love the astro turf addition to your tailgate! I might have to copy that idea, it's so perfect! And second... wahhhhh! So sad we lost, especially after we looked so good the second quarter! I was beginning to think you were our good luck charm! Glad you guys had fun, minus the yucky weather. Your seats are amazing! And girl, I can't believe some of the things girls wear to tailgate now.
    <3, Pamela
    Sequins & Sea Breezes

  3. Looks like a great day despite the drizzles but I'm with you - it's funny how things change - I have no problem hiding under a cap and not caring as much now. Noon games are always hard for us to plan for - we've got one this upcoming weekend but your grilled breakfast looked delicious! LOVE the turf addition - you can never have too much tailgate stuff, right?!

  4. What an awesome addition to your tailgate with that turf - I need to make that a purchase for our friends' tailgate set up! I'm so excited, we're going to our first ever Panthers game next month. Cam is my favorite! You have so much to look forward to this week with College Gameday - so cool!

  5. The astro turf is a brilliant idea ♥♥


  6. So your tailgate looks like an absolute blast!! You definitely made the most of a rainy game day!

  7. Excited about Game Day this weekend but praying the rain holds off! Can't wait to see y'all!

  8. It's always a blast when College Gameday comes to town!! So jealous!


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