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Live from Louisville


I'm not even sure that I'm allowed to say "whew" because I did absolutely zero of the driving yesterday. We left Columbia yesterday afternoon and drove straight through to Louisville.

I may or may not have wedding planned or slept the majority of the trip...

Or maybe I spent most of the time snacking on delicious tiger paw cookies from Blue Flour Bakery.

But we made it to Louisville! It's time to hit the streets and check out all that Louisville has to offer. Kristen has sent me a huge list of all of the things we need to do, places we need to see, and restaurants we need to dine in during our trip and we are ready to get out and start checking things off of that list.

Follow along via Insta if you'd like to see what types of shenanigans that we all get up to while exploring this new town!

PS - It's GAMEDAY!!!! Go Tigers! Beat Louisville!


  1. Happy Game Day! I can't wait to watch the game tonight!!!

  2. Those cookies look SO delicious! Enjoy your time in Louisville!

  3. I've been following along on instagram - looks like you're having a great trip!!


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