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Week 3: Clemson at Louisville

Last year, Patrick and I decided to forego the whole birthday present thing and instead spend present money on a road trip instead. Being that we're pretty big football fans, we decided that our birthday road trip would be to an away football game each year. One year we'll do a South Carolina away game, one year we'll do a Clemson away game.

Last year was Nashville {USC vs Vanderbilt}.

This year?


We {Patrick, two of our friends, and I} drove up Wednesday afternoon, arrived sometime after midnight, and crashed. Wednesday morning we all threw on our orange and hit the streets to go to the Louisville Slugger Museum.

They didn't allow any pictures in the factory. Cue annoyed face #1.

We took plenty outside by the giant bat though to make up for it. My parents were also on this trip with a couple of their friends and we managed to meet up with them a few times here & there throughout our time in town.

We had a late lunch at a terrible restaurant. I'm not for bashing things on this blog but I'll give you a hint: don't go eat lunch in the super touristy area of 4th Street. Move along - don't waste your time in that area.

Our "tailgate" for this game was at Churchill Downs.


That Churchill Downs.

I was in heaven. It probably didn't hurt that they had races going on that day. And dollar beer.

But then it was time to go into the game. Apologies for the terrible pictures but the Papa Johns Stadium does not allow you to bring in a camera with a detachable lens. Insert annoyed face #2 here. What's up with Louisville being so unfriendly towards photography?

Let's talk about that game though.

Louisville came to play. They were a team desperate for their first win of the season after losing the first two games. Louisville was the best 0-2 team that I've ever seen. They gave Clemson everything Clemson could handle and then some. The stadium was loud. Their music was rockin'. Seriously. I hope Clemson took note of their awesome music. The Louisville fans? Classy, nice, and super friendly.

Plus, being that it was Papa Johns Stadium, they had Papa Johns pizza... made inside the stadium. Hot & fresh. Y'all, it was delicious. I might have eaten this entire pizza by myself. Even Patrick had to give it a thumbs up.

Clemson somehow squeaked out with a win. Someone will have to let me know because I refused to watch the final two minutes and instead sat in my seat alternating between covering my eyes and live texting with a friend.

Clemson vs University of Louisville: September 17, 2015
Clemson - 17, Louisville - 14

& with that, we can check another stadium off of my list!

Check back later this week for more on the things we did in Louisville: Slugger Museum, Churchill Downs, Peerless Distillery, Evan Williams Bourbon Experience, Maker's Mark Distillery, etc.


  1. That game was so much fun to watch! It was unbelievable!!! Glad you came out with a W!

  2. Yay for another win and for pizza that's actually good!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. Looks like a fun weekend (but boo that you couldn't take more photos b/c of the rules!)

  4. oh no, where did you eat lunch? i have never really spent time down at 4th street because it is super touristy without actually having anything to offer tourists. so glad the louisville fans were to your liking lol. guess what? sometimes, when papa himself attends the games, they give out free pizza ;)

  5. Your panoramic photo from the field is GORGEOUS!! What an awesome trip, but I can't believe they didn't let photos inside the Slugger factory!

  6. Awesome stadium picture!! A little individual Papa John's pizza sounds heavenly right now. Really... Sounds like a great weekend...can't wait to hear more!


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