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Maker's Mark Distillery

Ah, Maker's Mark Distillery. The distillery of all distilleries to see in Kentucky. At least, that's how we viewed Maker's Mark. All three guys that I took this trip with love Maker's Mark so this was kind of a must do thing for us.

We decided to save Maker's Mark for the last day of our trip when we were leaving Louisville to head back home to Columbia. It's a little bit outside of Louisville so it didn't make much sense to go during the middle of our trip - way easier to stop by on the way home.

Except you don't just "stop by" this place. It's way off the interstate, up and down windy roads in the backwoods of Kentucky, and practically in the middle of nowhere. I thought they were joking on the website when they said that you could stop by anytime for a tour... if you could find them.
Heads up: not a joke.
We did find them though and we registered for our tour.

Maker's Mark is located on a piece of gorgeous property! I can only imagine how pretty this place gets in the fall when the leaves begin to change. It's very picturesque out at this distillery.

This was one place that Patrick really wanted to see so when it came time for the tour to begin, he was at the front of the line and we stayed at the front for the duration of the tour. The first question that I asked was if I could take pictures along the tour... the answer was "absolutely! Take as many as you like!"

Hello, I'm now a fan of the Maker's Mark distillery.
I had my total printing nerd moment when the tour guide mentioned that every label on their products was die cut on an old school die cutter. And we got to see it. I might have been a little bit excited about this part especially since we got to keep one of the labels.

We were able to try four Maker's Mark creations on this tour: Maker's Mark White, Maker's Mark, Maker's 46, and Maker's 46 Cask Strength.

I stayed far away from the Maker's Mark White but tried the other three. Not as terrible as the Evan William's ones were but still pretty awful. This trip to Bourbon Country did not make me a fan of the drink.

Would I recommend this tour? Absolutely. It was worth the drive!

Just stay away from the gift shop. That's where they get ya by letting you hand dip your own bottle of Maker's Mark. None of us particularly felt like buying an expensive bottle of bourbon {pricier than your local ABC store} and standing in line to dip the bottle. It was neat watching other people do it, though!


So would I go back to Louisville again?
... I don't know? I feel like we were able to do the majority of the things that we wanted to do in this town {including eating at Doc Crow's and taking a carriage ride around the city} and I'm not sure those things would be worth going to a second time.
So where are we going next football season?
Our options are:
Lexington, KY {University of Kentucky}
Gainesville, FL {University of Florida}
Starkville, MS {Mississippi State}
Where should we go?!


  1. We visited Makers Mark a few years ago and loved it. Hubby did the dip thing in the gift shop so now we have the bottle we will never open :) Great tour for sure. And next year - try Gainesville!!!

  2. Lexington in October is awesome! If you can squeeze in a trip to Keeneland, you'll be in heaven. I guarantee it will blow you away - it's waaaay better than Churchill. Haha, can you tell I'm a Kentucky fan?

    xo, Carly | carly blogs

  3. We went to Gainesville last winter for a basketball game, and there isn't really a whole lot to do there and everything outside the campus isn't exactly that pretty haha. I have a close blog friend who used to live in Starkville and I've heard great things about it! This looks like an awesome excursion!

  4. OMG this is amazing! So jealous of your trip! I want to do the Bourbon Trail next year sometime. And my vote is you go to Gainesville so I can drive up there and meet up with you! :)
    <3, Pamela
    Sequins & Sea Breezes

  5. This looks fun! I'm surprised it is so hard to find... atleast its an adventure. I've been to UK... not much going on.


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