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Gettin' Wild at Zoofari: Take 3

Oh, Zoofari.

You are always the best.
Patrick and I met up with my parents this past Friday evening for the 2016 edition of our favorite zoo fundraiser: Zoofari!

When we got inside, my mom and I took the opportunity to go behind the scenes of the new Sea Lion exhibit. We got to check out the kitchen and learn about the diets of each sea lion and seal.

Once again, there was excellent food & drink. Pretty sure that my parents and Patrick destroyed a platter or two of the collard spring rolls but me? I was more about these roasted BBQ chicken pizzas - SO GOOD.

Of course, I got on the carousel and convinced a certain husband of mine to get on the carousel with me. I had a ball. He tolerated it.

We headed over to the auction area and met a new friend: Boa!

I'm going to go ahead and place the blame on champagne for this one because I can promise you that sans-champagne, there's no way I would have gotten this close to him let alone touched him.

It completely freaked me out to touch him. Snakes feel exactly what you think they feel like: smooth and creepy as all get out.
Don't worry. I sanitized multiple times after petting Boa.

The main event of the night, the auction, was even better than we remembered from previous years. The auctioneer is fantastic. He knows how to work a crowd and he's extremely talented at getting people to raise their bids and compete with one another.

He had us cracking up throughout the whole live auction.
It was another fantastic event at Riverbanks! I know we'll be back next year {probably just so my mom, dad, & Patrick can devour more collard spring rolls...}


  1. I feel like all zoo's should offer something like this!! So much fun! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. That is such a neat event! I still can't believe the snake - they just give me the heebee jeebies - I even had a nightmare about them last night! hahaha, so glad you guys had a wonderful time.

  3. What a fun night! That food all looks delicious and I love your face with the snake!

  4. the pizza looks like the best bit! haha. or perhaps i'm just hungry right now. yum! the photo of you and the snake is hilarious.

  5. Oh my gosh, snakes! I have a friend that has 2 pet snakes and I almost can't handle it when she takes them out and lets them sliver up her arms and around her neck. I'm like, big n-o, thank you though. The little pizzas looked so tasty. That would be a fun meal to look into.


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