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Hello, 2019!

Hello, 2019!

2018 was my biggest year yet. I did things I never thought possible (see: giving birth to a baby) and the year was everything that I had hoped for and more.

January 1st rolled around at just the right time for me. I'm coming out of that newborn fog, the holidays are over, and I'm headed to the doctor soon to get officially cleared for working out again. Not that that's really stopped me. It's kept me from running and lifting weights, but I've hit the gym a few times and got my first bike ride post-baby in already.

A few weeks ago, Patrick and I decided to set a few goals for ourselves and for our family for the upcoming year. We're both ready to attack the year with intentionality so that we make the very most of it. Here's the ones that we came up with for both of us and the ones I added for myself.

C + P Goals

- 1 date night a month
- 3 solo weekend trips (birthday, anniversary, & 1 other weekend)
- 1 friend night each a month
- 1 friend group night a month

With the addition of Riley to our family, we want to make sure that we continue to focus on us, our relationship, and our time spent with our friends. That means that I'll take time to plan a night out with the girls and he'll do the same with his guy friends. We'll plan a few weekend trips that are just for us.

C + P + R Goals

- Beach trips to Kiawah
- Beach trips to Edisto
- Lake weekend
- A trip to Charlotte
- Be active and fit

I want to be sure that we share all of our favorite things with Riley and that we continue to do what we love now that she's here. Beach trips are a must, as well as trips out on Lake Murray. We both also want to lead an active and fit lifestyle so that it's what Riley grows up with. We'll do this by going on walks around the neighborhood and local trails, and when she's a few months older, we'll add in bike rides.

House Goals

- Operation Backyard Patio
- Garage improvements

Now that we're done with the inside of our house, we're moving outside in 2019. The biggest project here is to rip up the crumbling patio we have outside of our basement/garage area and create an outdoor space that we can use. The other project is to clean up our garage a bit - close in the ceiling, paint the walls, put up shelves, etc. We both want this space to be a lot more functional and prettier than it currently is.

Fitness Goals

- Get back to pre-baby weight
- Run 12 5Ks
- Run 1 10K
- Run Kiawah Half Marathon
- Buy a bike trailer for Riley & learn how to bike around with it

I've already lost two thirds of the weight I gained with my pregnancy, so I'm hoping to cross that goal off sooner than later. I'm headed to our local running shop this week to get outfitted with a new sports bra and some new running shoes so that I can pick running back up as soon as I am cleared by the doctor (hopefully before next weekend!) I've missed the Kiawah Half the last two years, so that's my big goal this coming December.

So, bring it on 2019. I'm ready for you!


  1. Lots of great goals for this year! Fingers crossed you can get back to running soon!

  2. This looks like a wonderful list of goals for the New Year - you go girl!!

  3. What a great list! I cannot wait to see how all your projects turn out! Here's wishing you a happy and blessed 2019!


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