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Week 10: Clemson vs Syracuse

There are years that I thoroughly dislike the time change and there are years that I love it... it's safe to say that this year, I love it. The extra hour of sleep was so awesome Saturday night and it was much needed after a long, fun day in Clemson on Saturday.
Surprise, surprise, it was another girls only tailgate. But the guys are completely out of excuses now and will definitely be at the final two games of the season, yay!
We were walking downtown to do a little shopping when something caught my eye for the first time ever. Everyone at Clemson knows who Walter Riggs is. He was the very first football coach for Clemson, he has a soccer field and a building named after him, and he was even president of the university for awhile. But I learned something new about him on Saturday.
Extra points if you figure out why I had to stop and take a picture right here.
We checked another thing off my Clemson Bucket List for my mom on Saturday: a drink at Tiger Town Tavern.
After that, we headed across campus to catch Tiger Walk and visit with some friends. I got too busy trying to high five people like Dabo, Christian Wilkins, and Deshaun to take too many pictures.
One of my favorite games of the year is Military Appreciation Day. There's always a purple out and the university does some pretty cool things to celebrate before and during the game.
This year, the Tiger parachuted down into the stadium with the game ball.
I've always said that I would never, ever, ever sky dive. But if I could land inside of Death Valley with the game ball? I might reconsider.
Even the Syracuse mascot {orange blob?} thought it was cool and was looking for some high fives.
Also parachuting into the stadium: the Clemson flag and the American Flag. Seriously. It's one of my favorite things that they do each year!
Then it was game time! & by game time, I mean it was an extended practice session for Clemson.
There wasn't a single stressful moment about this game, not even when our QB went out with a bruised shoulder before the 2nd half. Stress? What stress? I might have gained some years back on my life that the last few games caused me to lose {I'm looking at you, NC State & FSU} There was plenty of time to take selfies in the stands...
... and plenty of time to enjoy a gorgeous sunset.
So, let's recap.
Clemson is 9-0.
They're #2 in the country.
They have wins over #7 Louisville, #9 Auburn, #22 FSU {all of whom should be ranked higher in the next CFP poll}
Win this weekend against Pitt & they're back in the ACC Championship game as the Atlantic Division Champion.
They're also 23-1 over the last 2 seasons with the only loss coming to Alabama in last year's National Championship.
Needless to say, I've been enjoying Clemson's successes in football lately :)


  1. no idea about the Walter Riggs person but feel free to share! i am curious. that's super cool about the mascot parachuting in, but seriously yes what is that orange blob. i don't get it lol

  2. Always nice to have a big win where you can just relax and enjoy the game!!

  3. I'm thinking you and Walter Riggs share a name... Merritt maybe?! :) Looks like a perfect day for a football game and YES for the amazing feelings from that extra hour of sleep!


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