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Our Wedding: The Reception {Part 2}

I'm going to go ahead and give a huge, huge, HUGE shout out to the band that we hired for our wedding reception.

We saw them at Amanda & Ben's wedding and loved them.

They were the very first vendor that we booked for our wedding and picked out our wedding date based on when they were available.
We danced to them a second time at Laura & Stephen's wedding and loved them even more.
& after our wedding? Well, let's just say that there's a really good reason that they were the very first vendor that we booked. They were absolutely amazing and 100% worth the splurge on going with a live band vs a DJ.

We danced all night long.

A dance circle broke out multiple times throughout the reception because hello,  y'all know how much we love a good dance circle.

We've got some friends who love to do crazy moves, too.

We took a break from the dance floor a few times to catch our breaths, grab another drink, and take pictures with our friends. Or at least that's what I was doing... because every time we wandered off the dance floor, we lost each other.


The band then decided that instead of just performing, they wanted to party down with us too. Back to the dance floor!


At the end of the reception, while our friends were gathering outside for our sparkler exit, we took a moment to talk with the band and to thank them. Do you want to know what they told us?
"We tried to keep playing! We played past the time we were supposed to quit and y'all, we only quit because the venue literally pulled the plug on us. We would have played all night because we were having that much fun!"
We had no idea what time it was but the band informed us that it was 11pm... 45 minutes after they were supposed to start wrapping things up.
Patrick and I grabbed hands and headed out the door through our tunnel of sparklers and our photographer captured probably my favorite series of pictures from the entire day. I call this the "hold on a minute, I gotta kiss my wife!" moment.

We had a getaway car all ready for us at the end of our tunnel. But you know, we needed one last kiss before we hopped in it.

... and another once we were inside.

We had our driver drive us around town until it was time to go to Mellow Mushroom to pick up our pizza and then we were dropped off at our hotel. But what happened to all of our guests after we left?

Oh... they just took shuttles back to the hotel and went straight out to the bars in the Vista and kept the party going until nearly 4am.
Two signs that you threw the greatest wedding reception ever: the band didn't want to quit playing and most of your guests kept the party going nearly 5 hours after the reception ended.

That, y'all, is one hell of a wedding reception if I do say so myself.


WHEW! Did you make it to the end? So many points to you if you did. As always, all photography credit goes to Jessica of Jessica Roberts Photography.

Don't worry - we're not done with the wedding posts just yet! Still have a few more planned. Stay tuned!


  1. Your wedding looks like the best party ever!! How fun that your band didn't even want the party to stop!

  2. So fun! I love that the band didn't want to stop playing. The pictures from late into our reception are some of my favorite to look back on and see the fun everyone had.

    The Lovely Latte

  3. This looks like the best!! I love that the party went on into the night - always the best sign of a fantastic wedding!!

  4. It was so much fun and I'm so sad it is over!!

  5. I splurged on a band too and it was the best decision! I loved looking around and being surrounded by people on the dance floor!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  6. What a beautiful reception you had! It looks like such a fun party!

    By Lauren M

  7. seriously looks like the best party ever. i'm not saying mine was as awesome, but we danced the night away and people are still like 'your wedding was so fun! just like one big party!' which is exactly how we wanted it. no band though, and your band sounds amazing.


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