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My Favorite Details from Our Wedding Reception

If I could change one thing about our wedding reception, it would be the length of time it lasted. It went by entirely too fast and I wish that we could have spent hours more celebrating with everyone.

Other than that? I wouldn't change a thing. I loved our reception. Yeah, yeah, I know, everyone says that about their reception. But really. I loved every bit of it... especially these three details:

The Bourbon & Craft Beer Bar

This idea was inspired by Patrick's sister Amy {& I'm not even sure if she knows that she was the inspiration behind it!} It goes back to a conversation we had while sitting at The LAB in Asheville with Patrick's family and how Amy casually made a comment about how she was enjoying "doing what y'all do because y'all do breweries".

Patrick picked three bourbons {Buffalo Trace, Maker's Mark, and Bulleit} and we picked out three local craft beers {River Rat American Kolsch Story, Westbrook White Thai, and Westbrook IPA} to be served.

There was a road trip down to Charleston to pick up some old bourbon barrels and so many visits {by us & by some friends} to different breweries to purchase some growlers to use for decoration.
We loved how it turned out!
The Cookie Bar
There were only two things that I wanted food-wise at our wedding: a mashed potato bar and Blue Flour Bakery Cookies.
I had to have these cookies. Luckily, Patrick would hands down rather have a chocolate chip cookie over a cake any day of the week.
& yes, I did snag a sugar cookie every single time that I passed by this table because on your wedding day, you get as many cookies as you want.
What I loved the most is that our bakery included a bride & groom cookie for us to eat instead of the wedding cake that we cut {yup - that happened}.
The Farmhouse Table Guest Book
This table was the 11th hour wedding project that was so worth every bit of last minute stress that it added to our lives during wedding week. Because yes, we were still working on this table 72 hours before we got married. Oops.
But how amazing is this?
It's my favorite piece of furniture in our house and I don't see that changing anytime soon. I love that we eat breakfast and supper at this table just about every day together. I love that it constantly reminds me of our wedding and all of the people who came to celebrate with us.
Wedding Planner: Melanie at By Invitation Only Events
Cookie Bar: Blue Flour Bakery
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  1. Your wedding was so wonderfully personalized!! The farm table is amazing, and all of those cookies look amazing. I love how you even had a bride and groom cookie :)

    Meg, Borrowed Heaven

  2. I LOVE the table - what a special piece to have! xo, Biana

  3. Cookie table - are you kidding?! That's fantastic!! Still loving the idea of the table!

  4. I just love the table guestbook. SO creative.

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