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The Legend of the Table

When I was younger {like 5 years old}, I used to hang out under the tables in our house a lot.

Specifically this table.

I would play with my dollhouse dolls under our dining room table {it's where they went "camping"} and from under our kitchen table, I would watch TV. I could lay underneath there, throw my feet up on the drawers of the built in desk where the TV sat, and watch whatever show was on. It used to drive my parents crazy because I would pull the drawers open with my feet and let them slam shut.

But it took them a little while to catch on to what was really happening under our kitchen table. I was learning how to write and how to spell names, and I took it upon myself to use a crayon to write everyone's names under the table where they typically sat.
There was Dad, Mom, Benjamin, Chesson, Gram {grandmother}, Grandaddy, and Kristin {babysitter}. I got into a fair amount of trouble once my parents discovered the underside of the table.

That kitchen table eventually ended up in the hands of an old neighbor when he went to college and was handed off to his older brother to use in his first house after that. The older brother then sold it to a local coffee shop... the owner was collecting old tables to make up an eclectic mix and she LOVED the names written underneath it.
The kitchen table has been long gone but the story of the names under the table still gets told from time to time.
When Patrick and I bought our house, we knew that we wanted a big farmhouse style table for our dining area and we knew that we wanted to build it together. As soon as we talked about building this table, I knew what I wanted our wedding guest book to be.

The underside of our new table.

That's right, y'all. We're asking all of our wedding guests to sign the underside of our hand built farmhouse table at our reception.

This has been our eleventh hour wedding project and so our table isn't 100% complete. However, if you ignore our insanely messy garage & the fact that the table legs are not attached, you get the general idea of what this table is going to look like after the fact.

I am 100% obsessed with it - Patrick worked so hard to make sure this turned out exactly like we were both picturing when we started this whole project.
And yes, I'll probably revert back to my five year old days and hang out under this table occasionally to remember all of the family and friends that came to celebrate our wedding day with us!


  1. What an awesome story! I always get excited to see what a bride and groom's guest book is going to be. I feel like it says SO much about them!! Hope your wedding weekend and honeymoon are perfect-- cheers to ya'll!

  2. Such a good story! I've been loving watching the snaps of you guys work on this - so special that everyone will sign this!

  3. I absolutely love the backstory behind your new table! And you guys did an amazing job on it! What a great idea! <3, Pamela Sequins & Sea Breezes

  4. I love the story behind this! And the table is gorgeous!

  5. I love this idea and the story behind it! This table is not only going to be a thing that you love because you built it together, but you're also going to love it because the people you love are all going to sign it too!

  6. oh my goodness, what an awesome idea!! I just LOVE this! You will cherish that table forever!

  7. I can't wait to sign that table this weekend!! See you bright and early in the morning!! xoxo

  8. This is my first time stumbling upon your blog, but I just have to say this is the best guest book idea I've ever heard! It may not be perfect for everyone, but with the story of your parents' old table, it's so perfect!

  9. This is the neatest idea! Just so special!


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