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Savannah Brewery: Service Brewing

Ok, y'all know we love breweries {as if you couldn't tell from two back-to-back brewery posts} and you know that we love to try new ones out whenever we visit a new city.
But we hit a roadblock when we started searching for one to try out when we visited Savannah the other weekend.
Georgia apparently has some crazy ridiculous brewery laws and regulations. Basically that means that they make it hard to visit the breweries {the ones in Savannah were only open for 2 hours on Saturdays} and the brewery can't sell you beer. They can sell you a tour and give you drink tickets to go along with the tour. They're usually 6 6oz pours {like a flight of beer}. We figured we wouldn't be able to visit one while we were on our trip and we were kind of disappointed.
That was until Saturday afternoon rolled around and we had a couple of hours to kill and it was right around 2pm which was conveniently enough when Service Brewing was due to open. We hiked over there from River Street {hint: don't walk. Drive or call an Uber because it's not an easy walk in 100+ temps!} and got there right after they opened their doors up.
When you walk in, you have to choose what you're going to do for the day. The three options were:
My mom, Patrick, and I decided to Enlist.
I ended up trying 3 different beers: Rally Point Pilsner, Scouts Out Honey Saison, and the Gun Bunny Wit.
I loved the first two {especially the Scouts Out Honey Saison} but wasn't too big on the Gun Bunny Wit. There was something in this wit beer that I just didn't like... some extra spice or ingredient or something.
Overall, we really enjoyed this brewery! The staff there was so incredibly friendly and was more than willing to help us find beers on tap that we'd like the best. I just hope that we run into some of their beer in Columbia sometime soon because I'd love to have another Scouts Out Honey Saison!


  1. I'm pretty jealous of this Savannah/Charleston brewery tour trip!!! It looks right up my alley and those just happened to be two of my favorite Southern cities!! What a fun adventure. xox- Home of Malones

  2. I love that you guys still were able to make it work! Looks like a neat place!

  3. You always find all the best spots! Glad you were able to get a little brewery fun in!

  4. That is so strange that Georgia has alcohol laws like that... I'm glad you got in though, I'd be a service member opened it ;)

  5. Alcohol laws are so weird. I love how you always find a great brewery! That honey saison sounds right up my alley!

  6. This looks like such a fun space - you guys always find the best ones!

  7. I'm surprised they are so strict because they don't have any open container laws LOL! Love that you were still able to find one! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  8. You are my kinda girl! I love going to breweries too. Tasting local beers is always a sun adventure in a new city.


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