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The Last Single Weekend

Can y'all believe it?
It's WEDDING WEEK. This time next week, I will be on my way to complete relaxation with my husband with this excellent view:

I'm not even sure that I believe it just yet. I still have no idea where April, May, June, and most of this month have gone {if you find those missing months, please return them back to me!} but I am so ready to get married on Saturday. I cannot wait to see all of our family and friends as they begin arriving to town on Thursday and I am PUMPED that we'll be on our way to the Dominican this time next week.
So how did I spend my last "single" weekend? It looked a little something like this:

A long, 4+ mile walk around my parents' neighborhood on Saturday morning with my mom.

A trip to Soda City Market.

A lot of work on our new farmhouse table.

A stop by Crouch Distilling for a tour and tasting {more on this later this week}.

And maybe an even quicker stop by Conquest Brewing {it was right next door to Crouch and technically it was a wedding errand!}

A little celebrating for my parent's 40th anniversary.

& by celebrating, I mean they came over to our house and helped work on my closet and organize the kitchen.

A finished closet!

Granted, that's only about a 1/3 of my clothes. It's a good thing that I get to take over the closet in our guest bedroom because going from a walk in closet to a 4" wide closet is pretty challenging.

And y'all, here we are. Wedding Week.

I've got a couple of posts scheduled for this week but I'll be taking alllllll of next week off {yay, honeymoon!} and will be back full time after the first week of August. Back to recipes, football fun, running, and probably still quite a bit of house things.

Oh, and I can imagine that there might be a post or two with wedding pictures ;)
On that note, happy Monday! Hope you're following along with all the wedding week shenanigans on instagram {@chessop} and snapchat {also @chessop}


  1. Happy almost-wedding!! Soooo exciting :)

  2. I can't believe wedding week is already here! SO exciting! Enjoy these last few days girl! <3, Pamela Sequins & Sea Breezes

  3. Yay for wedding week!! Enjoy every second of it and soak in all of the family time! Also be ready because I think the Friday before the wedding goes even faster than the day of, IMO! :)

  4. Happy, happy wedding week - I cannot believe it's almost here! This week leading up was one of my favorite times ever so enjoy, enjoy, enjoy! I'm so excited for you two and can't wait until your back to see many pictures and read all about the wedding & honeymoon!

  5. Can't believe your wedding week is here!! Enjoy every minute of the fun!!

  6. Yayyy!! Happy Wedding Week pretty lady!! So happy for you - cannot wait to see pictures!

  7. GAHHHH! Wedding week has arrived and I hope you soak in all the goodness!! xo, Biana BlovedBoston

  8. Congratulations on it finally being here!! Can't wait to read all about the wedding and the honeymoon!

  9. Happy wedding week! It sounds like you were able to get a lot knocked out pre wedding week this past weekend so you can fully enjoy yourself in the weeks to come!

  10. Enjoy the entire week, it goes by in a blink of an eye so make sure to take it all in!

  11. Ahhh have the best time! Enjoy it as much as you can - cannot wait to follow along and hear all about it once you are back!

  12. Enjoy this week!! I can't wait to follow along. Congratulations!!

  13. Your house is looking great! Congrats to you parents! 40 years is awesome! Have tons of fun making memories this week and weekend!


  14. Congrats on your upcoming wedding! If you don't mind me asking...where are you going in the Dominican? My hubs and I have been looking for somewhere to go to celebrate our upcoming 5 year anniversary....

  15. OMG I can't believe it!! So excited for you & enjoy this time. Ps. That photo of your parents is adorable.. and look at all that white! My, how weddings have changed :)

    xo, Kristina


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