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The All American 4th of July

Y'all, I'm pretty sure that it doesn't get more American or more patriotic than how Patrick and I celebrated our 4th of July.

We started out our 4th celebrations on Kiawah yesterday morning with the end of our weekend at the beach. It was full of beach time, sun, sand, family, friends, and one super hot beach wedding.

Caught the sun rising over the ocean, squeezed in a bike ride, and then loaded up the truck to head back to Columbia.

We made a pit stop at Patrick's parent's house out on the lake to spend a few hours playing by the dock, going out on the boat, jet skiing, and eating delicious BBQ. There was pulled pork, ribs, fresh-from-the-garden corn on the cob, coleslaw, piping hot boiled peanuts, and so many patriotic themed desserts. The highlight? Getting to spend time with Patrick's sister who is FINALLY home from London for a few weeks!

But we weren't done yet.
From the lake, we headed into downtown Columbia for the Fireflies 4th of July baseball game.

Baseball, hot dogs, and fireworks? Yup.

It was also hot, humid, muggy, and sticky. But what else can you expect in July in Columbia?
I hope everyone had a fun, safe, and memorable 4th of July this year!


  1. Looks a lot like our weekend (minus the lake part), it was so hot here this weekend but can't complain, I would expect nothing else for the 4th!

  2. I was loving your lake snaps! Looked like a gorgeous perfect weekend!!

  3. Oh yeah, that sounds like a perfect 4th of July to me! So many fantastic things, and that Kiawah sunrise is BEAUTIFUL!

    Meg, Borrowed Heaven

  4. We had very similar weekends - BBQ, the lake, & baseball :) Looks like fun!!

  5. What a fabulous 4th of July! So jealous of that beach/lake time!

  6. I don't think that it gets any more American than spending time next to a body of water, and then ending with fireworks and a baseball game is perfect! Can we go back in time and relive our weekend again?

  7. The perfect way to spend the quintessential summer weekend!

  8. The beach, the lake AND baseball - you guys hit the best things this weekend!

  9. sounds like a fabulous weekend :) we had the opposite, probably the least american 4th of july. not normal for us, normally we go out of down and go all out. lots of hot dogs and fireworks, lake time and beer etc. this year we did nothing and ate reasonably healthy and normal which was zero fun.


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