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Cobblestone Streets & Spanish Moss

Guess where we're headed to today?
We had a brief pit stop last night in Charleston and we did a quick bike ride around Kiawah this morning but now we're off to see one of my oldest friends {I've known her for 24 years!} get married to her sweet fiancé. She also happens to be the younger sister of one of Patrick's groomsmen and her dad is the one marrying us in 22 days.
Small world, right?
Made even smaller by the fact that most of our friends from this Charleston wedding last year will be at this wedding as well as our wedding in three weeks. And the super awesome band from that wedding? Yeah, we'll be seeing them tomorrow night and then again on the 30th.
What can I say? We like a lot of the same people & a lot of the same things!
I've only been to Savannah one other time {for a Bachelorette weekend in 2014} so I'm excited to have the chance to go down there again and do a little more exploring.

Congratulations to Laura & her soon-to-be husband, Stephen! I'm sad that there will be no more engagement ring pictures but I'm so excited for y'all :)

Catch y'all next week!


  1. Have an awesome time this weekend!! I love Savannah :) and yay to being so close to your wedding!!

  2. Enjoy, enjoy! I can't wait to follow along then hear all about it!

  3. aw that's so cool you all like the same things and people. have a good weekend!

  4. I'll be in Savannah next weekend for a bach party, love that place! Have so much fun!

  5. I hope you had fun in Savannah! But keep thinking, your next pics together will be wedding ring pics. :) Jess at Just Jess

  6. Hope you had so much fun! Savannah is just gorgeous and I am also a huge spanish moss fan. :)

  7. Have fun! Cobblestone streets are the best!


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