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Main Street Just Got More Awesome

There are a few things that are guaranteed to make me happy:
a Clemson football win
a weekend in Kiawah
an afternoon of brewery hopping with my husband
I love me some Blue Flour cookies. They made an appearance at our engagement party, I used them to ask my best girlfriends to be bridesmaids, and they took center stage at our wedding reception. My mom has shown up to work a time or two with a cookie for me {#spoiled, yes I know!} and Patrick has surprised me with their awesome sugar cookies as well.

They're really cute and each cookie comes wrapped in cellophane with a colorful ribbon to tie it off.

The only downside to Blue Flour is that they're in the next town over and it's rare that I'm able to stop by during their regular store hours.
Until now.
Now they've opened up a second shop on Main Street in downtown Columbia.

They've got extended hours at this location, too making it easier to pop in before work, after work, and on Saturdays.
Did I mention that it's less than a 10 minute drive from where I work AND less than 10 minutes from my house?

This is going to be really bad news at some point but for now, I'm celebrating with a cookie. Or five.

They serve more than just cookies here, too. They've got various coffees and teas and there's this grilled pimento cheese with tomato and bacon sandwich that is calling my name. Sounds absolutely delicious, right?
I am so happy that Blue Flour is downtown now. Welcome to the Main Street District, Blue Flour!



  1. Those cookies look awesome! Definitely wish I was a few states over to pick one up when I need a sugar boost :)

  2. Those cookies look great, I love how much you incorporated them into your wedding. OMG that sandwich sounds amazing!

  3. Those cookies look awesome. What a fun addition to your wedding.

    The Lovely Latte

  4. Any time cookies are involved, count me in! Those look absolutely amazing!


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