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Pre-Kiawah Half Marathon

Here we go again: it's the Kiawah Half Marathon Weekend!

I'm convinced that I will never feel as prepared for a half again as I was for the one that I ran back in 2014. You know. When I got off of work at 3:45 and was able to get in decent length runs outside even when it was getting dark at 5:30 every day. Now, the outdoor runs are only happening on the weekends {which is difficult to squeeze in during football season} and all other runs are indoors on the treadmill.
My last few long runs though have all gone really, really well. I'm hoping that translates over on Saturday...
6 miles - 1:00:08 (9:58/mile)
7.5 miles - 1:12:58 (9:43/mile)
8.15 miles - 1:19:33 (9:45/mile)
10 miles - 1:40:17 (9:58/mile)

& that last 10 mile run was on a good portion of the actual Kiawah Half Marathon course... I just ran it backwards for a little variety. I'm really looking forward to the back half of the race because, since they changed up the course for this year, we'll be running on new roads & paths.

We'll be running behind The Sanctuary {finally an ocean view!} and down around where my parents' house is {yay for roads I know really well!} To be honest, the course change was half of the reason why I decided to run the race again this year. The other motivating factors were all of the people asking me if I was running, the fear of missing out on race day, and of course, Chicken Bog.
2016 Half Marathon Goals
1. Run the entire race without stopping to walk.
2. Finish within 2:15:00.
3. Reach Goal: finish within 2:10:00.
I think I can hit goals 1 & 2 but that 3rd one? Well. That's going to require an overall pace of 9:55/mile and I'm probably going to end up missing that one by a little tiny bit.
Here's what I'll be running to tomorrow:

Happy Thursday, y'all! & good luck to everyone I know {Cameron, Jacob, Dottie, Courtney, Devan, Heather, Laura & anyone else I forgot!} running in tomorrow's race!


  1. Ugh, yes, this is my first year working until 5 or 6 and I'm still trying to get used to the fact that regardless of whether I run in the morning or at night, it's going to be dark. Best of luck this weekend - I think your goals are definitely within reach and I can't wait to hear how you do! My cousin and I were just talking about running a half together (his first one!) and he mentioned maybe Kiawah (but that conversation was like two weeks ago so obviously not this year haha).

  2. It's SO hard to do outdoor exercise stuff now that it's colder, and it gets dark at like 4pm. I can't wait for the shortest day of the year to get here already (Dec 21st) so that we can start working our way back towards light at the end of the work days!

  3. The weather, early dark and football season always messed up my training back when I ran. I hope you get all three goals! Good luck!

  4. You got this, girl!! I'm excited to hear all about the race course changes!!

    Meg, Borrowed Heaven

  5. That's great it's near your house and where your used to! You'll do great and I can't wait to hear about it!

  6. Good luck tomorrow!! You are going to do great!!! :)


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