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The Indecisive Bride

If there is anything that I've learned in this whole wedding planning process, it's that I'm really indecisive.
Incredibly indecisive.
I knew this already but y'all, you're not allowed to be indecisive in the wedding planning process. That's not how it works. I learned that pretty quick.

What kind of wedding do you want?
Um, I don't know. A fun one?
Have you talked to a bakery yet about your cake?
Who says I'm having a cake? I might want cookies. Or ice cream. Or maybe we'll do a cake because people want cake at weddings? I dunno.
How about flowers? What kind of flowers do you want?
If I could have a wedding without flowers, I would. What? Not the answer you were looking for? Ok... white-ish ones. No tall arrangements because that has disaster written all over it at the reception. Hydrangeas? Magnolia leaves? You wanna do something with moss??? I think I pinned something on Pinterest...
Let's chat about your wedding invitation...
Or not? I haven't even decided on wedding colors or a theme or feeling or whatever else I'm supposed to know before we talk wedding invitations.
But some things were super easy to decide on...

Where do you want to get married? Our church.
Who is going to marry you? Our childhood pastor.
When do you want to get married? June or July 2016.
Where do you want your reception to be? Checked out a grand total of two places and picked one of those.
What kind of food do you want at the wedding? Three words: mashed. potato. bar.
Do you want a DJ or a band? Band. They were actually the first vendor booked.
& then I learned the key for the indecisive bride: cut out the # of options.

Wedding dress: looked in two stores, decided to call it a day, and picked the one I loved the most.
Bridesmaid dress: looked in one store, picked the one I loved the most.
Hair/Make Up: got recommendations from friends & picked the first one I went to.
Photographer: after having my heart set on two different ones that didn't end up having our date free, I went with the first one I met with based on a coworker's recommendation {& she turned out to be awesome!}
Save the Dates: scanned through options on Minted & went with the first one I personalized.

Another key move: pass off whatever decisions you possibly can. Rehearsal Dinner, Bridal Brunch, bridesmaids shoes, groomsmen attire, remaining food at the reception outside of the mashed potato bar... all passed off to someone else. That's my kind of decision making! Delegation.
Just like that, wedding planning got a lot easier for this indecisive bride. At least for now. I have a feeling that there's going to be a lot more decisions to made {um, like that honeymoon that we still haven't booked...} between now & July 30. Here's hoping I can keep up with my small # of options plan!


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  1. So many decisions! This is why I want a long engagement... although that means I'll have time to continually change me mind haha. I think your tips on narrowing it down based on recommendations are great. And a mashed potato bar is perfect!

  2. Wedding planning can be so overwhelming with how many details you have to think about! I think it would bring out the indecisiveness in anyone!

  3. I had a bit of indecision but then things really came into place when I picked a color scheme. You'll find what you love and must have and what is eh, it's a process but it sure is a fun one.

  4. i am super indecisive as well. when we went bridesmaid dress shopping, my girls were like 'okay what colour' and i was like 'whatever'. my bestie was like 'NO kristen you need to choose a colour' hahaha. like you said, some things were easy, definite choices. also, i knew a lot of what i didn't want so that helped narrow things down. at the end of the day, who you are marrying and who you are surrounded by.. that's what matters :)
    the honeymoon is the best part! vacay! get on it!
    thanks for linking up with us girl!

  5. I think it's fine to be indecisive about things that just don't really matter to you - the important things always come as an easier decision! Everything else will sorts itself out! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  6. I got married last December and my mom was finally like "Okay Baker, you have to quit saying 'doesn't matter to me!'" My only requests were that it was fun and that there was booze and chicken fingers at the reception �� So I totally feel you on being indecisive! Good idea to hand out those other tasks!

  7. I think you really have the right strategy. Narrow down your options & it becomes so much easier to choose! I'm not engaged yet, but that's already pretty much my strategy!

    Actually it's pretty much how I run my life already.

  8. Love this!! I found myself being torn about the little things but same as you dress/bridesmaids dresses - knocked out so easily! And mashed potato bar - YES! We had one and I seriously love when other weddings do!

  9. I can only imagine the millions of things that have to be decided when planning a wedding! I am super Type A and pretty decisive, but I'm sure it's very overwhelming!

  10. I think you have the right idea... having a FUN wedding (oh, and the mashed potato bar)! :) Can't wait to see how it all turns out!

  11. we had a potato bar and everyone LOVED it!!

  12. Something that will be very helpful the day of is to have a list of all the photos with family and who is in them. Have someone be in charge of getting everyone ready for the photo, it will save you a TON of time. And it's a good way to make sure you don't leave anyone out.

  13. Such a stressful process! I'm just eloping in Belize..happy I don't have to deal with all this :( Hope that you have fun during it and end up having a lot of fun! Good luck and thanks for linking up!

  14. Such a cute post! And I'm alllll about a mashed potato bar. I will absolutely need one of those at my wedding.

    Southern Style

  15. I was so indecisive planning my wedding and looking back (6 years ago!) I would change so many things. A mashed potato bar sounds heavenly!

  16. I was the same way with my dress - two stores, found one I liked and that was the end of it. I can't imagine trying on hundreds of dresses! Surely they all start to look the same at some point!
    I felt the same way about a lot of the little stuff like colors and whatnot, but I feel like once I started making them the ball kind of started rolling and it got easier from there? But yeah, people put WAY too much pressure on every little tiny thing when it comes to weddings, and most of it is super unnecessary! It sounds like you have the big, important things figured out!


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