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The Unplanned Weekend

Y'all know I don't do unplanned weekends. I usually don't do unplanned anything. But this weekend? Totally unplanned.

When you find out Friday afternoon that your fiancé is down & out with flu-like symptoms, it's time to improvise & be a little spontaneous. And no, I didn't immediately pack up the car & hit the road to Kiawah {even though that sounded like the best idea ever}. I stayed in town for the whole weekend - with no plans.

Friday night looked a little something like this:

I stocked Patrick up with some medicine, Gatorade, noodle soup {the Campbell's Keurig kind? Genius} and headed back to my house for some old episodes of Scandal on Netflix, pasta, and a glass of red wine.

Saturday was a lot busier!

I started out at the gym before heading to Main Street. There, I dropped my ring off at the jeweler to get it checked/cleaned and took our florist his deposit for the wedding {another thing to cross off on the wedding to do list!}

I browsed through Mast General and people watched/shopped my way back through Soda City Market to my car. That's where I came across these guys:

& knew that we had to have one for the beach house.

From there, I went to my very favorite Blue Flour Bakery in Irmo. I'll say it once & I'll say it again: Blue Flour Bakery is the absolute best place to grab a cookie. I went in there to chat about the possibility of doing cookies rather than a cake for the wedding and left with not one, not two, but THREE {two sugar for me & one chocolate chip for Patrick} free cookies. Y'all can only imagine how excited I was about that.

& then I made the mistake of watching the first episode of Fuller House on Netflix.

I say mistake because the show was really cute, pretty entertaining, and slightly addicting. Thirteen episodes? No problem. I knocked those out easily this weekend and by the way the season ends, it looks like they have definitely left the door open for more seasons {yes!}

Sunday morning, I went back to check on the sick one again, went to church, and picked up some lunch from Newk's... which is quickly becoming our Sunday lunch go to place.

& we may have turned on House of Cards after lunch and I may have taken another Sunday afternoon nap. I don't know what it is about 1pm on a Sunday but y'all, that's nap time for me almost every week.

I rounded out the weekend with a quick trip over to Riverbanks Zoo! It was over 70 degrees outside and sunny and there was no way that I was going to waste the day inside watching House of Cards.

The good news? I'm getting really, really good at this staying put for the weekend thing. Which is good. Because we have 2.5 more weekends at home before the traveling starts up again.

Happy Leap Year, y'all! :)


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  1. Oh no I hope your fiancé feels better soon!! You're so sweet to hang around to take care of him. I also watched all episodes of Fuller House and loved it! I really hope they make more seasons!

  2. Your new print is so cute!! So ready for the new season of HOC to start! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. Sounds like you made the best of the weekend despite your fiance being sick! Hope he's feeling better! And ending the weekend at the zoo? Yes please! <3, Pamela Sequins & Sea Breezes

  4. I'm with you on planning out the weekends but sometimes the unplanned ones end up being so nice! Sorry your fiance is feeling bad - hope he's on the mend today! And that crab print - so cute!

    Southern Style

  5. Yay for getting stuff done on the wedding to do list!!

  6. that pasta though. that looks like a highlight. yummmmmmmmmm.

  7. Those cookies look so yummy! We managed to stop after only 5 episodes of Fuller House.

  8. Sometimes taking it easy is the best thing and hope your man is feeling better!! And way to go on the wedding planning- checking things off the list is the BEST!!

    xo, Kristina
    Medicine & Manicures

  9. Awww...jealous of your zoo trip - I can't wait for the warm weather here and hope to go to a few zoos in the Midwest ASAP!


  10. I love this so much because we are seriously so similar in so many ways! It's so hard for me not to have a weekend planned out yet when we do stay home I end up loving it! Sounds like a great one!

  11. Sunday afternoons were just meant for napping!

  12. Looks like a great weekend, with perfect weather!

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  14. I used that same graphic in my Monday post! We had a pretty unplanned, spontaneous weekend too and it was really fun!

  15. That pasta looks so good! Scandal is such a good show :)

    Edye // Gracefulcoffee.wordpress.com


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