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Confessions of Moving Back Home at 27

On the list of things that I never thought I would ever do, moving back home with my parents was close to the top.

I successfully graduated from Clemson with a job offer in hand and immediately set off for my first job in Charlotte, NC almost six years ago. That should have been that, right? Graduate college, get job, move to your own apartment in a new city, never worry about living at home with your parents again.

When you move back to your hometown and you & your fiancé are completely old fashioned, out-of-date, and untrendy... you might end up back at home with your parents all because you and your fiancé aren't planning to live together before getting hitched.

That was 8.5 months ago. And since then, I've collected quite a few confessions of moving back home with your parents when you're 27...
Confession: my parents do my laundry.
Not even a little bit of shame in this one because I tried to do my laundry. But most of the time, they grab it when I'm at work because they need a little extra to make a full load. How am I supposed to do laundry when I get home if it's already done?

Confession: my parents now use phrases like "Bye Felicia!" & they like to throw their hand on their hip in pictures.
... whoops.

Confession: I've brought out my parents' passive aggressive style.
If you follow me on Snapchat {@chessop}, you know that there was a certain little Christmas tree {mine} in the our kitchen that stayed up until January 27th. It only came down because I walked into this when I got home that day:

Confession: receiving a text like this from my dad completely makes my day.
It's the little things, y'all, and being able to park in the garage is the best thing ever.

Confession: online shopping happens. Frequently.
There was one week where all of the following shipped to the house: Save the Dates, a return address stamp, 140 stamps from the post office, invitations for a party my parents are co-hosting, a Carolina Panthers jersey {Luuuuuuuuuke!}, a new Rocksbox set, & two monogrammed hats from Marley Lilly. I blame this 100% on close proximity to my mom at night where it's easy to get her opinion on things/talked into buying things {& vice versa}

Confession: they've both becoming expert blogging assistants.
They're almost always the ones behind the camera taking pictures as needed... or popping into the background of pictures when bored &/or hungry.

Confession: my fiancé is a little worried about what happens when I have to move back out of my parents house because we're having entirely too much fun being roomies again.
True story. He's genuinely concerned.
I'm just glad that I have two parents that are mildly entertaining to live with :)


  1. Oh my goodness, I am not sure if I could go back to living with my parents. It's so awesome you guys are having fun with it!! I could totally see an increase in online shopping...my mom would definitely be enabling my shopping sprees!

  2. Haha this is awesome! You're actually making me a little sad that I don't live with my parents. I'm sure it would be a lot more fun now than it was when I was in high school, and I could definitely use help with the laundry! :)

  3. Haha this is awesome! I feel like I'd enjoy living with my parents a little more now than I did when I was younger. The tree thing seriously had me cracking up! <3, Pamela Sequins & Sea Breezes

  4. I love your parents and would totally not mind living with them! Can your mom come on your bachelorette party?! Pleaseeee.

  5. Haha! This is the best! I just moved back home after college, and I'm happy to have a (free) place to live....but would definitely rather live on my own! But having them do my laundry is a perk for sure!

  6. I love this! I lived with my parents for a few months after graduating college and I honestly didn't mind it. My parents are great and I wish they weren't 2 hours away but I do try to see them every other month. Jess at Just Jess

  7. Bahahaha- true confessions, I love that! Hey good roommates are hard to find :) My husband and I didn't live together before we got hitched and I loved that doing that was part of the newlywed experience :)

  8. Your relationship with your parents is awesome!! This sounds like it's been such a fun few months, and I especially love the passive aggressiveness - my mom would totally do the same thing!

  9. At 28, I would totally move back in. Please cook for me again and do my laundry I'm tired when i get home! We've tossed around the idea of selling our house in a year or two and moving closer to my parents and building so it could be a scary reality.

  10. Sometimes I wish I could move back in with mine at 36! So funny. They look like a blast!

  11. Love this! I moved back in with my parents after college until I got married at 25. I look back on those memories and treasure them!

  12. Moving back home after being on your own is so hard, but also such a blessing! When I moved back I had a completely different relationship with my grandparents (as well as my in-laws) and it was more like we were just friends as opposed to parent & child.

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