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90 Seconds to Pizza Awesomeness

Confession: I really {really, really, really} love pizza.

You can ask my college roommate. We used to split a pepperoni pizza from Peppino's on a weekly basis when neither of us felt like changing back out of our pajamas to go to the dining hall and really wanted a night in with pizza & Gilmore Girls.
You can ask the Greek/Italian restaurant that I worked for when I graduated high school. Pizza every day for either lunch or dinner? Yup. I'm ok with that.
You can ask my fiancé. He's been subjected to more than one late night pizza delivery - thin crust with pepperoni & green bell peppers from Papa John's, please!

So when a new pizza place opens up in Columbia? You know that I'm going to go check it out. Patrick and I went to check out the new place, Persona Wood Fired Pizzaria, last week for dinner.

When we walked in, it immediately reminded me of Moe's. You start with your base {crust + sauce of your choice + cheese} and then go down the line and add the toppings that you want onto your pizza. At the end, the throw it into a big wood fired oven and cook it for 90 seconds.

& then you get to eat! Yes, it's that fast.

It's also incredibly delicious.
I created a personal pizza with pepperoni, green bell pepper, and minced garlic. They could have gone a little lighter on the toppings {especially the garlic} but it was a pretty good pizza!

Patrick got one of their specialty pizzas, the Carne.

Will we go back? You bet. I'm hoping to get over there for lunch sometime soon. Mostly for the pizza, but also because it happens to be located to my very favorite store in all of Columbia {Uptown on Main}.


  1. Yum! I love a good pizza. This sounds awesome - especially the fact that it cooks so quickly!

  2. I LOVE pizza! I could eat it for every meal and not be sad about it. I feel you on the garlic thing though, I love garlic but there is such a thing as too much! <3, Pamela Sequins & Sea Breezes

  3. I went to a similar place like that once! Delicious! I love that it's easier to try new and exciting toppings that way- and pesto sauce...

  4. Absolutely love this post!!! Pizza is my favorite! Have you seen the pizza maker from William Sonoma? I am dying for one! Have a great day!

  5. this is so awesome1 we used to have a place like this - like moes for pizza - but they closed and i was so sad. they had a GF base which i loved. gah. pizza is just the best. pasta too. ALL THE CARBS.

  6. That restaurant sounds amazing! Grand Rapids has Peppino's and when we first moved here we went ALL THE TIME on Monday nights when it was $1.99!

  7. That pizza looks AMAZING, I could eat pizza everyday.

  8. Yum! My favorite food! Those pizzas look delicious!


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