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4 Things I Have to Have to Run

After the much {much, much, MUCH} needed running break post-Kiawah Half, I am quickly getting back into this whole running thing again. It feels good to be running again after seven weeks without it!

Back in the game y'all, back in the game.

This also happens to be my favorite time of year to run. It's pretty cool outside, there are plenty of races in town to choose from, and I have a lot of free Saturday mornings to go run a race. I have quite a few races in mind {all 5K/10K distances} so I've been working on going through my running bag to make sure that I have all of my race day essentials on hand & replacing the ones that need to be replaced.

Here's what I absolutely have to have on race morning when I'm lacing up my shoes for another 5K:
1. Running Clothes {tank top, shorts, sports bra, shoes}
I have finally nailed down the perfect outfit that I'll only deviate from if the weather is super cold {under 30} or rainy. Otherwise? These are my go to things.

2. GPS Watch
Most courses will tell you when you're at mile 1, mile 2, etc but I need a little more detail than that. I want to know when I'm at 1.5 miles, 2.75 miles, etc. I don't use the pace/overall time feature while I'm running but it is the very first thing that I check as soon as I cross the finish line. I like knowing what my chip time is compared to the time I see on the clock as I finish the race.

If for whatever reason my watch isn't charged for a race, I'll use the Nike App on my phone as a back up.
3. Music {playlist, phone, headphones, arm band}
To those of you who can run without music: please, teach me your ways! But until then, I always have to have a good, upbeat playlist that can keep me entertained while running. It was T Swift's 1989 for about the entire last year but I have slowly been moving on to other playlists.

This is the current one:

4. Headband
I'm not sure why I threw this thing on one day before going on a run, but I did, and now I can't run without it. It keeps the short little flyaway hairs out of my face while I'm running AND it's sparkly. Win-win.

I might also now own 5 of these {thank you, Kiawah Marathon Expo...}

What do you absolutely have to have to run a race?


  1. All definite necessities when running! The playlist is a must for me or I'll stop to find a good song I want to listen to. And the headband is a lifesaver!! <3, Pamela Sequins & Sea Breezes

  2. Totally agree on tunes!!! Though I haven't run in years, lol. And the headband - that's my newest accessory for barre! It's my little security blanket now - I forgot one a couple weeks ago and had to purchase a new one there right before class! Is yours a Sweaty Band brand??

  3. These are musts for me too! Except music...I used to always have music and thought I could never run without it, but since I started doing triathlon I've had to learn to live without it! It hasn't been as bad as I thought and I actually voluntarily go without it a lot of times. I'm up to half marathon distance without music, and I never in a million years thought I'd say that!

  4. The playlist is key for me as well! I haven't run nearly as many races as you, but the few that I have run, the music kept me going! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  5. Your playlist looks like mine- a total mix of genres and songs! Some days I'm feeling pop, some days country... so it's nice to have lots of choices!

  6. Yes all of these things!!! I also need my knee strap things because I am old and have bad knees!!! Oh and water if I'm running longer than a few miles!

  7. i wish i could find a headband that stays on my head because they really are so nifty at keeping away stray hairs. i rarely run to music lol. most of the time i listen to an audiobook, but i don't mind no music or anything. my best half was no music / book or anything. i find it more peaceful and also i can't calculate how fast / slow / how much i've ran or have to run left with silence or a book like i can with music, does that make sense? i think i started with no music so that might be why it's easier for me, but i know several people who never thought they could run without music now do, so.. you can do it! if you want to. if there is no need to, then no need to.
    question. how many times per week do you run? do you do other things? i am trying to write out my next training plan and i am struggling fitting everything in. i wish there were 8 days in a week so everything was nice and even.

  8. Can't run at all without music, totally with you on that one.

  9. I have just started trying to do the running thing and am using an app called Running for Weight Loss. I am really liking it so far and get extra pep in my step when Shake It Off comes on!


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