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The Weekend at Home, Take 2

There's a good chance that I'll never 'fess up to it again, but y'all, I can totally get on board with this weekend at home concept.

I still haven't quite gotten used to the whole living in the same town as my fiance thing so the little things are still super exciting to me. Like on Friday, I showed up at his house with groceries to make dinner & we decided to put off dinner for an hour or so and head downtown for a drink/appetizer. Last year? I wouldn't have gotten to town until 7 and there wouldn't have been time to do something like that.

We went to Cola's & I got adventurous with red wine while we snacked on Pulled Pork BBQ Egg Rolls.

Saturday morning, I went back to my old stomping grounds to run the DFHS Be a Fan 5K. I did much better than I was expecting after 42 days of not running!

& yes, that happened.

My mom and I headed out on a mission after lunch to start shopping for her mother of the bride dress. To say it was a disaster would be putting it mildly. The shop we went to {highly recommended by many people} was a huge disappointment to us and we were there less than 10 minutes. We recovered by doing a little shopping at places like World Market & Loft, naturally.

I got my first pair of leggings! Yes, it only took me 27.5 years to own my first pair & I'm still to nervous to wear these in public. & yes, like 12 people got this picture because my mom and I had no clue if I was doing this whole "legging" thing correctly and I needed opinions.

Saturday night, we celebrated Patrick's dad's birthday with a dinner at Liberty Tap Room before meeting up with some friends to do a little bar hopping around The Vista.

But really, it was Sunday that kind of made my weekend. We slept a little too late to make it to church on time but we did get downtown to grab lunch at Newk's before the church crowds showed up. Win.

The weather was sooo gorgeous that we decided to ditch the car and walk around The Vista & up to Main Street. We walked a little over 3 miles as we explored all around. We checked out the Fireflies store, peeked in at a new microbrewery coming to town, shopped in Mast General, and enjoyed the warm, warm, sunshine.

70 degrees in January? I'll take it.

Plus... I may have topped off the weekend with another Sunday afternoon nap on the couch.

No worries though, the travel side of me is getting restless again & it's off to Charlotte this coming weekend! I already have all sorts of plans in mind to check out my favorite brewery, my favorite restaurant, and my very favorite place for brunch. It'll be a quick trip up & back but I can't wait!


  1. You guys definitely had some amazing weather this weekend! And yay for doing better than you thought you would at your race! Always a good thing! <3, Pamela Sequins & Sea Breezes

  2. What a wonderful weekend! Love that snap of you next to that mural!! Sorry to hear MOB dress shopping was a bust - but you might have really great luck at stores like Macy's Lord & Taylor and places like that! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. Love the relaxing weekend look on you! Also the leggings- adorable! Glad to hear your race went well- 1 down and 11 to go!

  4. How is it that as soon as we leave, Columbia starts getting good restaurants? Haha. I can't believe that was your first pair of leggings. I truly live in mine and it's pathetic, I know but I can't help it. It's an addiction. Poor Barb. She'll find one soon :)

  5. Mother of the bride dress shopping was more stressful than my wedding dress shopping was!

  6. My husband totally detests leggings. I LOVE them, but stay away from them for that reason. They look great on you! I wouldn't be afraid to step out looking that great in them! :)

  7. Ok, HOW in the world have you gone so long without leggings?!?! Welcome to the dark side friend :) Also, I hate to say it, but mother-of-the-bride dress shopping was probably the most stressful part of the whole wedding planning for me!!! Ha! My mom and I could not agree on a dress and got into these HUGE arguments! Hopefully your search will go better!!

  8. Awww what a great Friday night - those Pulled Pork BBQ Egg Rolls sound amazing!! The weather this weekend was so much, and y'all definitely made the most of it!

  9. First time with leggings! Welcome to the not putting effort into your outfit bandwagon, leggings are an every day occurrence for me! Check BHLDN (Anthropologie's wedding site), they have really pretty MOB dresses and they always have sales going on.

  10. Haha when Derek moved here it took me so long to adjust to being in the same place and the littlest things were such fun to me! Enjoy your leggings – I’d be lost without mine!


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