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The Town That Got Cool

Columbia was never a place that I wanted to move back to. Ever.

You used to get a pretty good rant from me about all the exact reasons why I didn't want to live in Columbia again after leaving when I graduated high school. I had a whole host of reasons why Columbia wasn't a suitable place for a 20-something to create a life in.

But you know what? Columbia's gotten kind of... awesome. It's been neat watching how this city that I once swore off has grown into a place that I am happy to call home again. There are so many new things! From the growth in The Vista, to the thriving breweries out by the stadium, to the Bull Street Commons project, to the revitalization of Main Street, Columbia has grown. It's not the Columbia that I grew up with and I'm totally ok with that.

Plus, Columbia has some cool things happening around town over the next few months that I'm excited about. Here's five of my favorite:
It's almost opening day for the Fireflies!


They're about to start their very first season in Columbia and in their brand new stadium over at Bull Street Commons. I adored going to the Charlotte Knights' games up in Charlotte and I have high expectations for the Fireflies' games here.

Hunter Gatherer Brewery & Ale House, Patrick's favorite restaurant in Columbia, is opening up a second location in Columbia... in a hanger at the Owens Field airport.

Good food + good beer + totally awesome new location. What's not to love about that, right? Even better is the fact that it's opening this spring AND it's a 2 minute drive from my work. I am already anticipating post-work happy hours there once they open up.

Granted, this isn't happening until sometime in 2017 but it's still worth mentioning. This was one of my very favorite restaurants in Charlotte and Columbia needed a brunch place close to The Vista & Main Street. Toast is a perfect fit {& not just because they put copious amounts of powdered sugar on pancakes}.

If you haven't been to Riverbanks Zoo lately, they've been making a lot of changes and adding so many new attractions. They did a fantastic job with the new entrance, the River Otter habitat, and the new home for the Grizzly Bears.

Next up? Seals & Sea Lions!

This exhibit is slated to open later this spring and you can bet that I'll be taking a lunchtime visit or two once it warms up to check them out.

Patrick and I did a double take one day when we were walking along Gervais: someone had recently begun renovating one of the old buildings & had put up a permit in the window with a teeny, tiny bit of information about what was going inside once complete.

A microbrewery in The Vista?? Yes, please! That area of Columbia has really stepped up their game lately and there are so many new restaurants to choose from... adding in a microbrewery is only going to make that area even better.

BONUS! I just found out yesterday about this one... there's a Food Truck Court coming to West Columbia in March.

& y'all, I think it might beat out my beloved Food Truck Friday in Charlotte. Why? Because it's going to be open seven days a week for breakfast/lunch/dinner, not just one night. Also, it opens on March 13 which is the first official day of Daylight Savings Time which means I will absolutely be out here for dinner, soaking up the late evening sunshine.


So... anyone else excited about all the fun things coming to Columbia soon? Or is it just me?


  1. That's awesome! It really sounds like there is so much going on, which is so awesome. Lots of new things to explore!

  2. I LOVE a good zoo! I could seriously go to the zoo every weekend, I love looking at the animals and being outside. Sounds like there are a lot of great things coming your way! <3, Pamela Sequins & Sea Breezes

  3. 2 minute drive from work! That could be dangerous! Sounds like you're in the right spot for you :)

  4. I wish we had more food courts around here - they look so fun! And sea lions are my favorite - great new addition!

  5. sounds like an awesome place, i'm so happy you're not hating it ;) and i wish we had food truck places here. but probably for the best.

  6. It's weird how much a place can change in such a short amount of time!


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