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A Southern Twenty-Five on Friday!

Big weekend y'all, BIG weekend.
Not only am I kicking off a three weekend stretch of 5K races, but we're also heading down to Charleston/Kiawah on Saturday. That's right. First weekend trip out of town since mid-February. Can y'all believe that I made it so long without such a trip?
We're heading down for a Stock the Bar party for two friends who are getting married this summer. We'll get to see a few people we haven't seen in quite awhile so I'm excited!
But let's get to it... linking up for another Five on Friday with April.
In a span of 24 hours last week...

1. My dad took me out to lunch at White Duck Taco Shop.
2. My dad took note of my favorite new wine & bought me two bottles of it for #TGIT.
3. I forgot my lunch at home & my mom not only brought it to me at work, but she picked up some Blue Flour Bakery cookies for my coworkers and me.
#spoiled? I'm totally ok with it because I have the most awesome parents. Ever.
If there's one thing I love to do, it's to shop/eat/drink local. Columbia's local scene has grown exponentially over the last few years and I've been taking advantage of some of my favorite local places lately.

A Sunday Funday at River Rat Brewery.
A local magazine {Fig Columbia} launch party at Stone River.
Saturday mornings at the Soda City Market.
All local, all awesome.
We are less than ONE month away until the Columbia Fireflies' first pitch!

Shout out to this guy this week:

On Tuesday, we met up right after work at the Grill Marks in the Vista {because they have the best happy hour deals} and he patiently listened to me rant, understood that I was joking {...for the most part} about wanting to go egg someone's house, and didn't judge me for eating alllll of the French fries.

& that's exactly what I needed on Tuesday. I needed my fiancé, some $3 prosecco, and a lot of French fries. Living in the same town with him and being able to do things like that after work? It'll never get old.
Last, but not least...



Hallelujah. Cross that off the list, y'all, we've finally decided where we're going: Punta Cana, Dominican Republic!


Hope everyone has a great weekend!


  1. We went to punta Cana on our honeymoon! Beautiful beaches and great people! Where are you staying?

  2. I mean from awesome parents to a fantastic happy hour - sounds like a pretty great week and $3 prosecco AMAZING!! Congrats on booking your honeymoon that will be so fun! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. Oh my, Punta Cana sounds awesome!! Congrats on booking it. Enjoy your weekend down here - a stock the bar party sounds like sooo much fun. I hope the weathermen are wrong and the weather stays like it's been for your trip!

    Meg, Borrowed Heaven

  4. A lot to love in this post.

  5. Your parents sound like the best! Congrats on the honeymoon booking!

  6. Your parents sound just like mine! I love it! Congratulations on the honeymoon, you'll have a blast!

  7. Punta Cana is an excellent choice - we stayed at the Hard Rock in Punta Cana on our honeymoon and had an absolute blast, its beautiful there!! Love all the thoughtful things your parents did for you!! Hope you have an awesome time in Kiawah!!

  8. yayyyyyyyyyy i'm seriously so happy you booked your honeymoon haha! hope you all have an amazing time. and your parents really are the best. also, fries make everything okay. i mean, fiancés are too, but fries. fries are fabulous.

  9. No wonder you at all the fries...those look AMAZING! And yay for honeymoons!


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