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It's Always Taco Tuesday

There's a new taco spot in Columbia, and if you live in Asheville or Charleston, you've probably already heard of it:
I had heard about it but was a little skeptical. Another specialty taco place in Columbia? There's already two locations of Cantina, Tin Lizzy's, and Publico Kitchen & Tap. But sure enough, another taco place.
It's a place that my dad asked me about several times. He mentioned that he had heard about it and was wondering if I had been there yet. He asked again one night at dinner and so I suggested that we should go check it out together soon. And by soon, I meant the next day for lunch.
I ordered the Crispy Chicken BLT taco & the chicken quesadilla {... both of these may have been located on the kid's menu...}

Chicken quesadilla? Yes. Delicious. Crispy Chicken BLT? It was ok. I'm not big on the corn tortillas so next time, I'll check & see if I can get it on a flour tortilla {like the quesadilla was on}
My dad ordered the Bangkok Shrimp and Fish tacos and thoroughly enjoyed them both.
& we split the Salsa Trio side.
So many thumbs up to the salsa! The red salsa & green salsas were delicious. I stayed far away from whatever was in the middle but my dad tried it out and liked it.
Moral of the story: there's a new taco spot in town & it's pretty tasty! This is definitely a place that I'll be back to for lunch sometime soon. They have a great outdoor area to the side of the restaurant that we didn't check out because it was a little breezy on the day that we went. But I can imagine that it will be a great lunch spot once the weather warms up just a tiny bit {but before we get to those 95 degree summer days!}


  1. Yes to taco Tuesday! Although I could have tacos EVERY day! All of your food looks SO good! <3, Pamela Sequins & Sea Breezes

  2. Yum! That place sounds really neat - I will always be up for a taco Tuesday!

  3. Yummy!! Tacos are so my jam and this place looks awesome!

  4. Ahhh now I want tacos for dinner or lunch!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  5. Kids menu or not these sound fabulous to me! Love the salsa trio - things like that are always a must too!

  6. Tacos are my favorite, i can never get enough. I would have steered clear of what was in the middle too ;)

  7. I could have tacos all the time - Tuesday or not. Those all look delicious! -Leah Chasing Texas

  8. Yum, I love the White Duck here in Charleston, and I love that you ordered off the kids menu!! I need to go back and try the salsa trio - it's been a few months!

    Meg, Borrowed Heaven

  9. I wanted to try White Duck last time I was in Asheville! I'll DEFINITELY go next time!


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