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A {Rainy} Day on Kiawah

People always ask what I do when I go to Kiawah other than stalk alligators so I decided it was time for a photo post about a day on Kiawah. Of course, the day I pick ends up being a rainy day but it ended up being a pretty entertaining day...

Laced up for an early morning beach run.

Deer #1.

Turtle Patrol doing their thing.

They found a nest! & a coyote track so they covered the turtle nest with mesh to protect the eggs.

Gorgeous morning.

Even the squirrels like to relax on this island.

Ready for a ride.

Uh oh. Looks like we traded sunshine & blue skies for rain.

Made it back home just as the sky fell out.

Quick trip to Freshfields to pick up some groceries for lunch & supper.

Sometimes I eat like a five year old. Whatever.

Break in the rain! & an Osprey.


Crashed a wedding at Mingo Point.

{not pictured: getting yelled at by a cop because we weren't moving fast enough. We stopped to check out why there was a cop directing traffic. Someone asked how much longer he was going to hold up traffic & he replied until the VP comes by. WHAT?!}

Just the Vice President of the United States cruising onto the Island for a little getaway, no big deal.

One year old gator. Photo credit to my dad for this one & for those of you who worry about our safety, he was inside the house taking these pictures through the kitchen windows and not outside with this dude.

{not pictured: the big papa gator lunging up onto the bank to chomp down on the little gator. Little guy escaped into the water though... this is the second time I've seen big papa try to eat the little guy... beginning to worry for his safety...}

Took advantage of another break in the rain for a beach ride.

Wedding #2 on the rooftop.

"Sunset" drinks on the boardwalk.


Perfect kind of day if you ask me.


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  1. I have never heard of the island - but I want to go to there like NOW!!! Looks so relaxing and serene and your dinner - my kind of dinner haha! Happy Monday!

  2. I love your gator pics and eating like a five year old is so much fun when it rains :-)

  3. I love Kiawah so much! I need to go back soon! Love the pictures of your gator friend! Thank you for linking up today! xo

  4. Love all of these photos, but my absolute favorite is of the squirrel... TOO funny!! xo

  5. That does look like a perfect day! So wild that the VP was in town. All of your posts about Kiawah really make me want to get a bike!


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