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Summer Storms

Does anyone else love a good summer thunderstorm?

I went home after work yesterday to sunny skies, promptly passed out on the couch for a few hours, and woke up to pouring down rain, thunder, and lightning. The thunder & lightning continued throughout the night and a local Charlotte photographer caught this image on camera

Freaking awesome.

Give me more nights like that please!


  1. Saw this on Twitter this morning! So cool and I agree with you about summer storms--love them!

  2. That storm last night was insane! I made it back home with groceries right as the rain and hail started...but there was so much lightning! Love this picture! xo

  3. I am finally back in blogland post marriage and honeymoon and catching up on my reading! Love this because there is nothing better than a good summer storm!! Especially at the beach :). Xx.


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