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The Running Break + Running Playlist

Ten 5Ks and one 10K within 11 months for someone who does not like running is an awful lot. A whole lot. I didn't realize how much it really was until after I finished my last race.

I decided that I needed a little bit of a break after jumping headfirst into the running world and not looking back. I'm not going to lie. The past two months of not running have been amaaaaazing and much needed. I think I ran a total of 10 miles, maybe, over the last two months. Who am I kidding? It's probably more like 5 miles.

I'm ready to get back into it though.

My next race should be a run on the 4th of July but I'm not entirely sure what city I'll be in that day yet so I have no idea what race I'll be running but I have a few picked out. It'll either be a 4 mile race or a trail run. I did the trail run last year and it was miserable thanks to the muddy trail & hot/humid weather. I got 3rd place in my age group though so... I kind of want to run that one again to compare my results to last year! Plus it comes with the added benefit of recuperating on the beach for the remainder of the day.

{last year's 4th of July cross country trail run}

Then I guess it'll be time to start seriously looking at the races I have lined up in the winter. Back-to-back half marathons. One is in December, one is two months later in February. They're spaced out just enough where I can take like two weeks off from running for Christmas/New Year before I have to get back to it. I'll let y'all know more about the February one once I sign up for it next month... but let's just say that a costume might be involved as well as a little mini vacation with my best friend.

In the meantime... here's the playlist that I'm hoping will keep me entertained when I hit the beach Saturday morning for a run.


  1. i posted about running the other day too! i have ran 6 miles in the past three days. that's a lot for me. haha good luck with the 5k's!

  2. Breaks after a few races are definitely necessary sometimes! I'm impressed at how many races you do - I run regularly but never have enough motivation to do anything like an actual race!

  3. totallllly know which half marathon you're doing! haha


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