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College Football: Week 8

Week 8: BYE WEEK!

Or at least it was for me.

Clemson went to Boston College on Saturday which left me with a whole weekend to spend in Charlotte rather than traveling to/attending a football game. There was no tailgate to prepare for, no car to pack, no suitcases, no traipsing around campus on game day, no tiger paw tatoo's to put on, etc.

Let me just point out the fact that even though there was no football game to physically attend this weekend, all day Saturday and most of Sunday revolved around football.

What can I say? I like football. We had to cheer on Clemson to a win {woo hoo! 5-2!} from the bar even if we couldn't do so in person.

But here's what a "non football weekend" looks like in my life...


a trip to 201 Central followed up by veggie chili + drinks on the porch


5 mile run recovery with college game day

football snacks {pigs in a blanket + queso}

USC vs Furman + wine

{yes, that's a Clemson boob glass. totally counts since it's October and breast cancer awareness month, right?}

a side of french fries at Dilworth Neighborhood Grill while watching Clemson vs Boston College

quick! stop by a baby shower for a coworker

... yes, Baby M received a Clemson onesie from me because hey, it's football season and you gotta teach the kid right!

this is how we watch football on Saturday's when there are baby showers to attend:

but some people prefer to watch Clemson football like this:

Off to the Queen City Q Festival! There was so much delicious BBQ.

side note: I rode a mechanical bull. yes, there are pictures, no, they definitely will not be posted.


time to watch the Panthers play!

... and immediately focus all attention to this project because it was not a good football day for the Panthers.

... and then turn to HP Marathon weekend on ABC Family because none of my teams were doing well at all.

... and then go run a quick 5K

... before settling in for a little painting project & Gilmore Girls on Netflix.



Whew. Ok. It's time to get football back in my life and thankfully, Clemson has a home game on Saturday. It's Homecoming & Syracuse is coming to town. The only downside of that is that it's Clemson's last home game until November 22 and my Saturday's will be consisting of long training runs and races rather than tailgates.

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