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A Southern Twenty-Five on Friday!

It's been one of those perfect October weather weeks. Sunny, lows in the upper 50s, highs in the 70s, and not one drop of rain. I've been hanging out on my porch all week and all the windows {all two of them} have been open every night. Of course that all changes on the weekend when I have plans to be outside but you know, at least the weekdays were good right?

Bobby Petrino, head coach at Louisville, threw down the gauntlet earlier this week when he said that he couldn't imagine that Death Valley could be louder than any other place they've played this year.

Challenge. Accepted.

Linking up today with April, Darcy, Christina, and Natasha. I hear they're having a cool little giveaway so you should link up with them too!


Y'all thought I was kidding when I said that my life was going to revolve around hanging out on my porch at night and watching Gilmore Girls on Netflix.

Nope. I wasn't! Extra points for you if you recognize any of these scenes.

Target gets me every single time. I did not need to go to Party City or Target during lunch yesterday. But I did and I walked out with things I didn't need.

But how do you turn down Trick or Cheesy?! You don't.

Can we talk about how much I love this gallery wall? It's in my apartment complex's clubhouse and I'm obsessed with it.

Running over the last two weeks has been so uncomfortable. My shins, knees, and hips are making me feel like an old woman when I run and that's not a good feeling. Taking it easy this week didn't help either. Looks like it might be time to retire my first official pair of running shoes for some new ones... wonder if I can find a more colorful pair than my current ones?

Pumpkin family for the win.


Happy Solid Orange Friday! Go Tigers!


  1. One of the reasons I love going to look at apts in luxury buildings is the way they stage them - so gorgeous!! I still haven't watched any gilmore girls on netflix - this will change soon!! Hope you have a great weekend!

  2. Target gets me everytime with their festive goodies! We've been there several times for my husband just so he can get Count Chocula. haha! We've been loving the weather lately too, can't beat the cooler evenings. Have a great weekend!

  3. I want those pumpkin sugar cookies every. single. time. I see them. I've resisted but October is still young!
    xo Southern Style

  4. Hi from the link-up! I recently purchased some Pillsbury Pumpkin Cookies with cream cheese flavored chips. They were delish! Keep on eye out for them next time you're perusing Target.

  5. A new pair of running shoes will make a differrence. I'm due for a new pair myself. I ran 5 miles this morning and my feet are killing me. Those Halloween cupcakes look yummy.

  6. ohhh i love mac + cheese! those cookies are pretty good too! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  7. Trick or Cheesy sounds like the perfect lunch! YUM!

  8. OMG Gilmore Girls I love that episode where Luke pushes Jess into the water.
    I haven't binge watched them on netflix because I just rewatched them earlier this year haha

  9. I just found your blog through the link-up! I love GG and I have the entire series on DVD but I think it is time to rewatch it again! I love the pumpkin mac and cheese and get it every year, I did have some of those pumpkin cookies last night while I watched Scandal!
    I also just retired my first pair of running shoes and got some Brooks ones. They are not that colorful though since for running I have a narrow foot.

  10. Aww! Cute little pumpkin family! The weather sound great too!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  11. I have totally been binge watching Netflix too - Hart of Dixie added a new season and it's been my jam this week lol :)

  12. I'm hooked on everything fall too and just can't resist pumpkin stuff at the store!

  13. That gallery wall is fabulous!!! If only I could style something like that at home!

  14. Just discovered your blog! Love that you're a Clemson fan! I grew up a UNC fan but have a dear friend who's a HUGE Clemson fan and she has rubbed off on me. I had my first Clemson game day experience for the NC State game last Saturday and it was AMAZING! Go Tigers!


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