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A Southern Twenty-Five on Friday!

October 31st sure has taken it's sweet time to get here but I am sooo glad that it's finally here!

No, I'm not that excited for Halloween. I'm excited that I am finally headed back down to Kiawah for the first time since Labor Day weekend. It's been entirely too long since I have been there and I have big plans while I'm in town... including lots and lots of biking.

Anybody else completely obsessed with 1989? I seriously thought that I was only going to buy a couple of songs on Monday that I really liked before I realized that I was just kidding myself. I bought the whole album.

Buzz City! The Hornets are "officially" back in Charlotte now that the NBA season begun and guess what? They won their first game! Yay!


You better believe that I'll be making it to a game or two this season. I went to a Bobcats game a couple of years ago and almost fell asleep, so I'm hoping that they've gotten a little more entertaining since then.

I'm a sucker for Funfetti Cupcakes, even more so when they're holiday themed. Yup. Halloween Funfetti!

Wait, what?

Something tells me I'm going to be a big fan of winter this year if there's a chance we're getting snow as early as November! Just as long as it doesn't snow on December 13th, I'm fine with it.

I am more upset than I should be about missing out on the possibility of snow flurries this weekend.



I'm ready to hit up the post-Halloween sales at Target to see if I can snag some orange and purple accessories like lights, plates, cups, etc to use for Clemson tailgates this season {ha! & y'all thought I was going to make it an entire post without talking about Clemson football just because they don't have a game this week...}

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  1. yes yes yes Halloween is the best time to stock up on Clemson gear for sure! I always grab tones of it and shove it in the shed till next year!!! Happy Halloween Girl!

  2. I need to listen to T Swift's new CD - everyone I know is talking about it/ loves it!! Happy Friday!

  3. Snow flurries in Charlotte already?! Crazy! Enjoy Kiawah! It's finally cooling down here this weekend, it'll be perfect for your bike rides!

  4. Funfetti cupcakes - yes please!! Have a great time this weekend in Kiawah!!

  5. Sounds like a fabulous weekend!! How pretty!! Happy Halloween girl!! xoxo

  6. I am eagerly anticipating the snow as well! I love a white winter! Happy Halloween!!

  7. Happy Halloween! Yummy cupckaes! Have a great weekend.

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  8. When my fiance told me there may be some snowflakes here I didn't believe him! But I guess he was telling the truth!

  9. i am obsessed with 1989. at first i was like eh, but now i love it! have a fabulous weekend :)

  10. Haha I laughed at #2. The game was so.much.fun and I think the fans are definitely more excited this time around. And snow flurries?!?! I hate when it goes from hot to cold.. ugh. Enjoy your weekend in Kiawah!!

  11. taylorrrrrrrrrrrr!! you know i love it :) hope you had a great weekend!

  12. Funfetti cake is my favorite! And I LOVE making the dip as well!


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