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The Anti-Halloween, Pumpkin Carvin' Girl

I don't do Halloween.

I love to buy pumpkins {there are 8 in my apartment}, cute decorations, and festive orange lights for my porch but outside of that, I just don't do Halloween.

I do not like scary movies at all.

I do not like coming up with a Halloween costume or dressing up.

I don't live in a house so there are no trick-or-treaters.

Hocus Pocus? Ha. I'll pass.

The same thing goes for Haunted Houses because I was entirely too traumatized throughout middle school, high school, and college to ever want to go back to one of those things.

{nobody should be surprised by the Clemson pumpkin!}

I do really like to carve pumpkins though so at least I'm not a complete Grinch when it comes to all things Halloween.

Want to know how I plan on celebrating Halloween this year?

I'll be driving down to South Carolina to my favorite Kiawah Island for the weekend. The weekend will include a training run on the Kiawah Half Marathon course, some biking, some time on the beach, and probably a bottle or two of wine. Perfect kind of weekend if you ask me. Who needs Halloween?

Not this girl.


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  1. I’m not a big Halloween person either, but I do love watching Hocus Pocus every year!

  2. I'm right there with ya, girl! Definitely not a big Halloween person but we just moved into a new house so I'm looking forward to having trick-or-treaters for the first time :) And eating the candy I'm supposed to be passing out...

  3. I love Halloween, but we might not get to carve pumpkins this year! At least you got to! Enjoy Kiawah this weekend.

  4. I'm actually with you!! We're supposed to go to a Halloween party this year and I'm dreading trying to think of a costume LOL!

  5. I wasn't into Halloween until we started getting trick-or-treaters, those excited kids in their tiny adorable costumes might make you change your mind! :) I hate haunted houses and scary movies though so I'm totally with you there! Love the Clemson pumpkin! I did a Florida pumpkin a few years ago and it was way too complicated for me to attempt again this year haha

  6. LOL, I loved this post!! So funny! I love pumpkins too, but forget about scary movies. Not for me either! Have fun in Kiawah, girly! :)

  7. The pumpkin carving is just enough festiveness!! I just Halloween as another excuse to have a party :) You're going to have a blast in Kiawah though!!

  8. I had a friend who just about fell off her chair when I told her that I had never seen Hocus Pocus... And I'm with you - not interested!!! :) :)

  9. Aw, I love Halloween! But not dressing up this year because I'll be moving/unpacking my stuff in Charlotte on Gravediggers. But hey, at least you have cute decorations!!

  10. I am not big into Halloween (the actual day) either. I love fall decorations and decorating with cute little pumpkins but not a fan of dressing up anymore. I went to my first haunted house in years last weekend and was not overly scared but did not love it either.

  11. Halloween isn't my favorite (and its my husband's birthday) but this sounds like a perfect plan for how to spend it to me!

  12. Fall is my favorite. I could do without the ghosts and goblins.


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