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College Football: Week 6

Two weeks in a row in Clemson? You know I'm happy with that.

I work in a company that has hired quite a few graduates from three different schools: Clemson, Appalachian State, and North Carolina State. Needless to say, it gets a little personal when Clemson takes on NC State. The trash talking started a couple of weeks ago before Clemson played FSU and it didn't stop.

Trash talking usually backfires on me. However, Deshaun Watson, Mike Williams, and Vic Beastley had my back and completely shut down NC State. C'mon. 41-0?

Can we do that every week?

Can we also tailgate like this every week please?

The squint action was in full force this weekend, as well as the photobombing.

I had a genius idea for our menu this week. Patrick & my dad made it work. Teamwork y'all, teamwork.

Two brave NC State fans ventured into Tiger territory.

SUCCESS! Ok, kind of. The original idea was fajita kabobs... does it still count if everything technically cooked on a kabob, even if we had to separate the chicken and zucchini and bell peppers/onions?

Lookin' good in all that purple!

So one game a year, the two teams line up and walk out to midfield and shake hands before the game. I don't know why but it's one of my favorite things they do.

Of course, there were pictures during the game, but here are the only three things you need to see:

1. Mike Williams laying it out for a TD. Boy wanted that birthday touchdown!
2. Deshaun Watson proving why he's the starter {& still a freshman}.
3. Vic Beasley being a BEAST. Sack, forced fumble, fumble recovery, and a TD? Yup.

If we could make all three of those things + the 41 unanswered points happen again this weekend against Louisville, I'll be a very happy girl.


  1. Your outfit was so cute for tailgating and I agree that score makes the trash talking worth it!!! Happy Monday!

  2. that food looks amazing, what a great idea! and hey now, go Cards ;)

  3. You have the best game day attire! Every weekend!

    ~Ashley@ A Cute Angle

  4. Oh man do I miss some good ole Clemson football!! Love the outfits and all that ORANGE!

  5. i am insanely jealous of all your tailgates and the outfits!

  6. What a game for you!

    Who knew that kabobs with meat are so hard to cook?! When we made them this summer the veggies were almost burnt to a crisp yet the chicken was still raw in the middle! Ugh!

  7. Wow, the shaking hands thing is pretty neat!! And you looked so cute in your fall football attire :)

  8. Your outfit is on point!!! I adore your tailgating and want to come join next time!! :) :) xoxo

  9. I'm your newest follower! I was at that game! Wish I had season tickets so could come every week! UNC football games and tailgates are nowhere near as fun, and I say that as a lifelong UNC fan! Go Tigers!!!


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