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New Space: The Project That Never Ended

Here's what we were dealing with before: some old picture frames from my previous apartment, an empty space in my new apartment, an idea, and a lot of wood.

Here's kind of what "the end" looks like {ta-da1!}

Bicycle | Eiffel Tower {not identical, but similar}

Pictures from left to right... Edisto Beach {2012}, random bike in France {2014, taken by my mom}, & The Space Needle {2012}

Except I wouldn't call this "the end" because this table is something that I intend to play around with for years to come. I can switch out the knobs on the drawers in a heartbeat with a quick trip to Anthropolgie, World Market, or Lowes. When I get tired of the blue, I can paint a different color on top of the blue and sand down a little bit to let the previous color show through.

This little table, with all of effort put into it by both Patrick and myself, isn't going anywhere any time soon. I will find a place for this guy wherever it is that I decide to call home and I'll revamp it to make it match everything else.

That's what I love about it. This is not the final product nor was it ever meant to be the final product. It's going to evolve and change and look completely different a few years down the road than it does today. But for today, this is what it looks like, and the only real change that's going to happen is adding some baskets underneath and some other things on top.


  1. Looks great! I love the color you painted it!

  2. It looks great in the space! You're so crafy!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  3. That is such a cute idea. Loved that y'all did it yourself. That is something I have never been brave enough to try.


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