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One Shot Is All I've Got

I spent most of my afternoon on Sunday behind the lens of a camera. I was sitting up on the side of the truck bed taking in everything from a birds eye view and watching all of the action.

The boys were shooting guns.

The dogs were being super cute.

I was perfectly content.

... until I decided that I wanted to shoot a gun, too. Patrick had been asking me all afternoon if I wanted to shoot and I finally caved. Yeah, I kind of did want to shoot the gun.

But they only gave me one shot at a time. Wanna know why?

I think I can see why this is referred to as the "kick back"

I know, I know, worst pun ever.

But hey, I kept my balance and I didn't fall over! I didn't even realize I was getting knocked back either until I saw the pictures/video of me shooting. And now that I know what happens when I shoot a shotgun, I know how to correct it in the future so that I'm not getting knocked back when I shoot. 

... you know, if anyone ever trusts me with a loaded gun again.


  1. Good for you girl for getting out there and trying it! My husband hunts and it dying for me to try, or even go shooting, but I haven't caved yet lol. I'm too nervous! I'd much prefer to be behind the lens of a camera! :-)

  2. Get it girl!! I'm pretty sure I'd fall over trying to shoot. I've heard the kick back is no joke! I'm glad you tried it and had fun though!!

    <3, Pamela
    Sequins & Sea Breezes

  3. I've always wanted to try that, but I'm sure I'd do the exact same thing.

  4. hahaha hilarious. i've only shot a gun once too. i was so freaked!!


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