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A Southern Twenty-Five on Friday!

Alright, I need somebody to tell me how this whole 8-5 + commute thing works. By the time that I get home, eat dinner, and get things ready for the next day… it’s bedtime. Where the heck does the evening/night go?! I miss getting home at 4 and having two extra hours of time to do things.

Enough complaining. Columbia is still fantastic and I’m still having a good time exploring the city, relearning my hometown, and figuring out how to live back home with my parents. There’s probably also going to be quite a few posts dedicated to what it’s like to move back home at 26… it’s been entertaining {& good!} so far.

Linking up with April for another Five on Friday!

Columbia from way up high! Well, from the 25th floor at least.

Another Thursday night, another night at the Riverbanks Zoo Rhythm & Blooms.

Unfortunately… it was the last one of the year since it’s a weekly Thursday night event that only happens in May each year. At least I was able to make it to two of them!

… but I did get to catch up with some old friends while I was there!

I’m using this new job as an excuse {as if I needed one!} to go and do some shopping. It’s been great, really. So far I have a new work wardrobe and fun things to take my lunch to work in:

I’ve never had to eat lunch at work before so I needed to buy something fun to cheer me up about it!
{Note: it didn’t work. Taking my lunch to work is still the worst!}

This little guy {speaker, not the Tonka truck!} is the best beach accessory that I’ve added to my beach bag this summer.

It’s waterproof, sand resistant, has great sound, and connects to my phone via bluetooth making it the perfect speaker to take out to the beach. We’ve been using it on the beach to jam out to the Carolina Beach Music station on Pandora, but it’s a fantastic portable speaker for pretty much any location. Can’t wait to take this to tailgates in the fall!


Happy Friday! If only it were another 3 day weekend… :)


  1. Hope you didn't get stuff in that awful traffic the other day! I hate taking my lunch too, but I do every day :( Have a great weekend!

  2. I totally get you on the lunch thing...I'm trying to be better about bringing it into work more, and cute containers definitely help! Hope you have a great weekend :)

  3. I think I need that speaker in my life stat!!!

  4. You'll get used to the commute hopefully soon - but i hear ya just not enough time in the day!! Happy Friday! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  5. so fun! You'll get used to the 8 to 5 thing... okay, hopefully! Have a great weekend!

  6. There are a couple Five after Fives in 5 Points coming up this summer and those are usually pretty fun. My husband just got a portable speaker and it's awesome. So handy! Plus beach music makes everything better.

  7. I hate taking my lunch too-been trying hard to do that lately & really failing! Haha.

  8. Rhythm and Blooms sounds like so much fun – at least you got to make some of them! My husband got a speaker like that for Christmas and we have been using it non stop out on our deck recently – it’s the best!

  9. The Rhythm and Blooms sounds like so much fun!! Is that the closest zoo to Charleston? Also, that speaker looks perfect for the beach :)

  10. evening? what's that?
    i tried buying fun containers too, it didn't make my lunch any more fun. womp womp.

  11. I have never taken my lunch to work (I have not worked 9-to-5, but a couple of my past retail jobs were full-time). I would rather starve or grab a couple of small $1 items from the nearest fast food retaurant. I feel awkward about eating in front of other people, and leaving my food in a fridge that is shared with anyone except my husband.


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