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The Legend of Taco Tuesday

Once upon a time, about five years ago, I graduated from college and started working at a company in Charlotte. It is a company that is particularly fond of Clemson graduates, especially the ones that graduated in the same major that I had. So when I started work, I already had friends because we had all gone to school together.

Those friends, all bachelor guys, had no idea what to do in a kitchen. I witnessed first hand one incident with a disposal, one valiant but disastrous attempt at grits, and one grilled cheese that didn't ever really qualify as a "grilled cheese".

I knew my way around the kitchen but let's be honest, who likes to cook for just one person? I had all brand new kitchen-y things and wanted to cook!

Thus Taco Tuesday {on Thursday} was born.

It started with just the four of us but as our lives changed, so did the Taco Tuesdays. We invited interns from work while they were there for the summer or semester. Roommates and girlfriends came to eat and eventually, a fiance and a wife {& cute little baby!} joined the group. Sometimes we ate on Thursdays so that we could watch a Clemson football game. Sometimes we did this every other week, sometimes months spanned between taco nights. There were pinatas {filled with animal crackers}, desserts, and card games.

It seemed only fitting that the final Taco Tuesday would happen this week on Cinco de Mayo. And it was even more fitting that one of the original bachelor guys came to Taco Tuesday this week with his sweet wife and cute little four month old baby boy.

Homemade Queso! Plus guacamole and salsa - the perfect little chip and dip bar.

Hannah and baby got along just great. Then I came along and stole him away.

This might be why nobody ever allows me to hold their child. He took one look at me, pushed himself away from me, and was like nope, time to cry.

But we had our chips and dip, we traded stories of past Taco Tuesdays and all of our crazy work shenanigans, we ate our tacos, and we said goodbye to Taco Tuesday. It was a bittersweet Cinco de Mayo this year... and tonight after work, I get to begin saying my goodbyes to my friends here. Oh, I have not been looking forward to this day.


  1. Such a good set of memories- I mean maybe not the grilled cheese, but still!

  2. Looks like so much fun! When I was in college we would go eat Mexican at least once a week with the same group of girls! It was always so much fun!

  3. you totally made me teary with the original bachelor coming with his wife and baby.. so i can't imagine how teary you are right now ;) i wish i had traditions like this :)

  4. Mexican food is one of my favourites! It's only right to have it at least once a week!

  5. hahaha i have a legit fear about holding a baby and it crying. it makes me feel non-mother like. but at the same time... i totally am right now. i can't believe you are leaving!

  6. What a fun tradition! I used to make breakfast like that for my husband and his roommates in college. I love breakfast and they all would try to skip it. No way man!

  7. This is a fun tradition!

  8. Awwww...LOVE this story! How fun that you guys created your own tradition...and kept it up! I know this is a bittersweet week...but get excited for all the good things that lie ahead!

  9. Now, isn't that fantastic! Tacos are really great for parties and get-togethers. They are a beloved dish throughout the world, and for all the good reasons. Anyway, I hope that the legend of Taco Tuesdays lives on! All the best to you!

    Diane Baker @ Alejandra's Restaurant


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