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Chris & Sarah's Folly Beach Wedding

Any wedding where you can walk to all venues {including where you're staying} is a perfect wedding in my books. Throw in the fact that it was a beautiful day at the beach?

Yup. Totally ok with this wedding weekend.

Patrick and I walked around Folly Beach early that Saturday morning, hitting up Lost Dog Cafe {and their mason jar mimosas} before walking over to the pier.

My parents might correct me on this, but I'm fairly certain that I've never been out on a pier before. It required photo documentation.

After a day out in the sun on the beach, we got all fancied up for Chris & Sarah's wedding.

They were married on the front lawn of a cute little church on the island and their reception was at the Pelican Watch Shelter on the other end of the island. The views were amazing - you had the moon rising over the ocean on one side and on the other, you had the sun setting over the marsh. Best of both worlds!

Plus, they look a little happy, right?

And me? Well, I was happy when I heard that we were moving on from the appetizers to the main course. Someone said they had shrimp & grits and the boys took off for that. Then I heard that there were chicken fingers and a mashed potato bar?

I wish I could tell you that I only had that massive plate of mashed potatoes.

... but that would be a fib. I definitely had two plates. And then I stalked the professional photographer doing his thing.

I wasn't kidding about that sunset!

We did a lot of dancing because hey, when you date a guy who refuses to get off the dance floor, that's what happens at weddings. There were quite a few dance circles and a dance tunnel? I'm not even sure that's the right word.

Then there was the impromptu post-reception party that started with a wild golf cart ride back to the house and ended with some of the best pizza ever.

All in all, pretty awesome wedding. Congratulations Sarah and Chris!


  1. Fun weekend, and yes, I can attest to Patrick on the dance floor! Love your dress!

  2. Mashed potatoes are always my favorite!

  3. Mashed potato bar?? SIGN ME UP! I love her dress :)

  4. I LOVE when everything is walking distance for a wedding – it makes it so nice! The beach looks gorgeous and the mashed potato bar… perfect!! We had one at our cocktail hour and it was a hit – who doesn’t love a potato bar?

  5. Beautiful wedding!! Walking distance is a definitely plus (even though, whoops, I didn't give my guests that luxury haha). I love going down to Folly and seeing all of the weddings!

  6. you go to some gorgeous weddings!
    but mason jar mimosas? yum!

  7. I like when weddings are more about having a good time than being over-the-top expensive and luxurious. This seems like it was one of those. Folly Beach is pretty; I go there a few times a year to see relatives.

  8. Such a fun wedding! I honestly don't think you can beat the natural beauty of the outdoors and ocean :)

  9. That green dress is so much fun... Also send me those mashed potatoes...

  10. I never thought that beach weddings can be so beautiful. I always thought that booking a traditional wedding location venue is the way to go but after watching these pics I must say that I was wrong and if organized properly, they can be awesome too.

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