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What's Up Wednesday {1/25/17}

Happy Wednesday, y'all! I'm switching up things today and linking up with Mix & Match Mama for What's Up Wednesday. That means that you're getting a whole hodge podge of things in today's blog post.

What we're eating this week:
Crockpot Honey Sesame Chicken Over Rice - I could eat this meal every single week, it's so good
Crockpot Spaghetti - Yup, we're eating everything out of the crockpot this week
Sausage Balls - I'm on a mission to craft my own recipe for these guys, using this recipe as a base recipe
Brined & Oven Baked Chicken - because it's the easiest/tastiest way to cook chicken on a weeknight
What I'm reminiscing about:
SUMMER and the beach! I've got a good friend going on her honeymoon in two weeks to exact same resort that Patrick & I went to this summer.

She's been asking me some questions about it so it's got me day dreaming about mornings in the pool & relaxing afternoons on the beach with a drink {or pizza} in hand.
What we've been up to:
Painting our fireplace.

I spent Sunday afternoon cleaning/priming it and then started painting it the same color as all of the trim in our house last night. It looks so much better now that it's white and not some dirty off white color.

What I'm dreading:
Not really dreading anything at the moment!
What I'm working on:
A lot of people have been asking how I got started running, tips for running a 5K, etc. so y'all might see a Beginner's 5K series coming to the blog soon.

I'm also working on some research for a one year anniversary trip. We want to take a long 4-5 day weekend somewhere... Napa? Seattle? Somewhere beachy? It's time to narrow it down to a location and start some serious planning. Any suggestions??
What I'm excited about:
Running! Seriously. This is my favorite time of year to run and I love not training for a half marathon. 30 minute 3 mile runs in cool, non-humid weather? Yes, please. Give me all of those.

I'm also pretty excited about football season {yes, I know it's only January}. The ACC released the 2017 schedules yesterday afternoon and I am so excited about all of the football that our fall will hold! Depending on how the season goes, I'll be going to 10-12 football games. Does it get better than that? Nope.
What I'm watching/reading:
Watching a lot of things... Quantico, Scandal, This is Us, Nashville, The Arrow, & Flash.

Reading... cookbooks! We received so many cookbooks as wedding/birthday/Christmas gifts and really need to start cooking out of them. I've been on a mission to find us some recipes to try out over the next few months.
What I'm wearing:
I have never, ever, ever owned any type of designer jeans. I'm more of the pay $25 for a pair of jeans kind of girl. Well, that was until this Christmas when I got two pair of Paige jeans as gifts and y'all, I'm never looking back. I complete understand the hype about a nice pair of jeans now!
What I'm doing this weekend:
Just taking a little trip down to Charleston for a waterfront wedding for someone that I may have known for literally my entire life. No big deal or anything.

{hint, hint}
What I'm looking forward to next month:
February is definitely going to be a "me" month thanks to being married to an accountant. It means I'll be running quite a few 5Ks on Saturday mornings, making a trip up to Greenville to see a new mama & her sweet baby, and heading up 77 for a dinner date with a Charlotte friend. Who knows what else I'll get into!


Happy Wednesday!


  1. Girl, I feel you on the designer jeans thing! I never owned a pair before this year and now I'll never go back! And yay for a trip to Charleston this weekend! Have a blast! <3, Pamela Sequins & Sea Breezes

  2. And now I want to to go to the beach! Cute coverup by the way!

  3. I'm so excited that Scandal comes back tomorrow - gahh TGIT!! Wedding weekend in Charleston - sounds amazing! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  4. I totally understand the Paige jean obsession!!! All your dinners sound so good - hopefully you will share your sausage ball recipe once you perfect it!

  5. I understand the living with an accountant struggle! Pinning the sesame chicken recipe now it looks delicious!!

  6. You and I must be on the same recipe wavelength- I'm going to have to try the crockpot spaghetti... that looks so good! :)

  7. Wow, your fire place is looking SO much better with that coat of white paint you're doing! Have a great time at the wedding this weekend!

  8. I love your fireplace! And um, yes, totally would love to be by the beach with a drink (and/or a pizza) right about now! ;)

  9. ooooh a 1 year anniversary trip sounds fun! beachy fo sho. then you can make it a tradition :) i'm scared to try designer jeans lol - i don't want to love them! although i do have a pair of designer-ish jeans from home.. i don't know if they are fancy but they were expensive! i bought them in 2011 and they are still perfect except for the 30lbs i've gained so they don't fit anymore. but aside from that, perfect ;)

  10. I really need to give designer jeans a try. My American Eagle ones don't really fit anymore and I don't wear them as often, so they'd be worth the investment. Where did you buy your Paige ones?


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