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A Homecoming for Champions

What do you do when your team wins the CFP National Championship and you want to celebrate?

You stalk all Clemson news outlets until you find out the time the team is due to arrive back to Death Valley, then you drop everything and GO!

I'm lucky enough to have a mom who loves anything and everything Clemson football just as much as I do. She and I decided to make a spontaneous afternoon trip up to Clemson to greet our National Champions as they arrived home from Tampa.

Y'all can't even imagine the number of people that were outside of the West Endzone to cheer on the players and coaches as the busses arrived. It was insane. There were small babies who had no idea what was going on. There were elderly gentlemen who have been waiting for this day for over three decades. There were students who had probably been standing outside since the early morning hours to have the prime spot for selfies and high fives.

When the busses showed up, everyone went wild. My favorite busses were the ones who had drivers that were clearly into the celebration and started honking their horns the minute they saw the crowds that were waiting.

My mom and I waded through the crowd to get as close to the front as we possibly could. We never made it.
{if you look closely by the bus, you can see Christian Wilkins!}

A friend of mine was out in the West Endzone parking lot with her mom and let us know that the players were making their way through that lot back to their cars. We headed that way and guess who the first two players we saw were?

Two awesome defensive players: Christian Wilkins {who can really bust a move} and Dexter Lawrence {the 340 lb freshman All American}.

We were so close to getting a picture with them but the cops came around and asked everyone to let them get in their cars and go home and get some sleep. So... we'll settle for this selfie ;)

We did snag a picture with the Tiger...

... and the Sports Center bus.

It was a great afternoon in Tiger Town!

They're having a parade this Saturday morning at 10am but since this weekend is already jam packed with plans, we won't be there. If yesterday was any indication of how the parade will be, it's going to be full of crazy fun excitement. If you're a Clemson fan and you're on the fence about whether or not to go... GO! It'll be worth it!


  1. I bet you are on cloud 9!! Although I am a gamecock to the core, I am SO excited for Clemson. They truly deserved it! If I'm this excited I can't imagine how happy actual Clemson fans are! Ha!

  2. Haha I was totally stalking you on Snapchat watching this! SO exciting and I'm so glad you got to go be apart of it! <3, Pamela Sequins & Sea Breezes

  3. Love it! I am sure the players were tired but all of y'alls cheering and pride made them even happier! I am so glad you and your mom got to do this!

  4. So fun that you and your mom did this together!!! I bet it was such a great atmosphere, with everyone so excited!

  5. I love that you were there when they returned - very special!!

  6. I remember the celebrations when my Gators won the National Championships... that is a memory you will never forget!! So glad that you were able to be there to welcome your boys home!

  7. That is so awesome, glad you were able to be there! What a freaking game that was!!!



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