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Keep Calm & Party On!

What do you do when you have someone moving to London for a new job/adventure, someone with a big birthday, and someone who reallllllly wants to cook up some BBQ?


You keep calm & party on!

... cause who wouldn't want to live vicariously through Amy while she's exploring & discovering London?

The amount of food we had was insane. There was sooooo much food!

Y'all, this food was amazing, but the pulled pork & the ribs were outstanding! I almost never eat ribs but even I couldn't stay away from them after hearing all of the rave reviews. Delish.

But then it came time to say goodbye to Amy :(

& who doesn't love a few random car pictures taken at midnight in the drizzling rain?


  1. Girlfriend, all of that food looks amazing!! I'm all of a sudden hungry, ha!

  2. This looked like such a nice send off! Love me some BBQ!

  3. Such a fun theme and I am loving the water bottles with the british flag duct tape :)


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