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That Time We Built a Table

Until this past weekend, all the knowledge that I had about tools came from a class that I had to take my sophomore year of college. I was a Graphic Communications major - why I had to take a class about tools and equipment and electrical things is still beyond me. Anyway. I didn't learn a whole lot in that class mainly because my best friend sat right next to me and we had way more important things to do other than listen to a professor lecture us about tools.

After this weekend... well, you can call me a professional now. Not only do I know the names and purposes of a whole bunch of tools but I also know how to use them.

Major points to Patrick for trusting me with things like drills and miter saws. I'm not sure he knew what he was getting into when he casually mentioned to me that we could build a table for the entry way of my new apartment. I know I certainly had no idea what I was getting into!

So you've probably seen the completed picture on either Instagram or Facebook but here it is again:

Isn't it pretty?

But how did we get to that final product?

It involved two trips to Lowes, a bunch of pocket holes, a break for a high school reunion,  a little bit of cutting, some drilling, more pocket holes, pizza, and a realllllly patient Patrick.

Have you ever drilled a pocket hole before? No? I have!

Completely necessary while woodworking.

Patrick was good about making sure I did a lot with the building of the table. I helped pick out the wood, make measurements, drill pocket holes & screws, and cut the wood. Well, when right as I was getting ready to cut for the first time Patrick decides to say "Don't chop off your finger!"

I'm sorry. Why would you say that to someone about to use a saw?! Obviously so he could get the above picture.

So on day 1 of the project... we went to Lowes to buy all of our materials and cut enough to get us to this point below.

Day two! I was more about finishing the freaking table than I was about taking pictures along the way...

{the top part of the backside where the drawers are will get a piece of plywood... I was just too impatient to actually do so this past weekend!}

I could have definitely gone out and bought a table. I would have spent a little more money but a whole lot less time. It would already be sitting in the entry way of my apartment. But you know what? I can look at my table and be proud because I built it.


  1. holy cow I can't believe you made this!!!! so nice to finally meet you last night :)

  2. SO SO impressed!! That looks fantastic - nice job!

  3. That is amazing!! We're moving into a new apartment this weekend and it was our first adventure in furniture making as well...I guess we've got some secret carpenters here in CLT!

  4. OH..MY..GOSH- ok so not only have I been looking for an entryway table or console table for months, I didn't know this was even an option! Hubby reminds me of Patrick so um guess what? Saved this post and need to re-create asap! Love this! Favorite post of the entire week for sure!

  5. crazy impressive! and yes, i can see how beer would definitely help with patience. glad we got to meet!

  6. I'm not quite sure where to begin with this, so I'll just say this is a really good article. I've enjoyed reading it and pondering the many points you make.


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