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Oh Hey Friday!

It's Friday and football is back in my life tonight! I haven't been to a preseason game before but I have a special interest in tonight's game...

Y'all. Two of my favorite Clemson players of all time are on the same team in the NFL now and they're both starters AND they're coming to Charlotte tonight! That's right. CJ & Sammy are coming to town to take on the Panthers and this girl is going to the game. Now... Panthers or Clemson? Decisions, decisions.

I haven't had an agenda since I graduated high school. Everything in college & after college has been organized electronically with either iCalendar or the Google Calendar or on my phone. I changed that up this summer & bought a Lilly agenda to see if I could keep things a little better organized. One week into August and I love this thing! I'm not sure how I went the last 8 years without having one.

Because some nights are perfect for a little GG & Chickfila.

I am so not a DIY type of person mainly because I'm pretty terrible at it. However, Patrick & I are undertaking this project this weekend. I can't wait to see how it turns out! But between now and tomorrow I have to figure out not only if I want to paint or stain the final product, but what kind of knobs {or handles?} I want to put on the drawers.

It's been almost a month since I've been here & a month is far too long. Time to go back!


22 days until the Tigers take the field again! Yay! Happy Friday :)


  1. girl. chickfila and GG? gah. date night soon for that. + queso.

  2. I absolutely love relaxing and watching GG - it's one of my favorite things! love the new Lilly planner! Have a great weekend! xo

  3. Is it weird that I can completely tell that we would be besties in real life?? haha love everything about this post! No really..everything! Have a great weekend! xoxo

  4. I'm so excited for football too! We may come up to Carolina for the Steeler game this fall! I'm totally with you on the planner! I tried keeping things on my phone but I'm way better organized when it do it the old school way!

  5. I started keeping agendas after college and love it too; it's also nice to look back through the years and see what you did each week / weekend! Have fun at the game tonight!!

  6. I'm going to the game tonight and am excited to see the new stadium renovations…. but a little weary about the rain :/

  7. That DIY project looks awesome! I just shared my latest project today. It is so awesome to look at a piece of furniture and think "Yeah, I did that!" Can't wait to see how yours turns out!


  8. I. Heart. Your Gossip Girl + Chic-fil-a :)

  9. Hope your project turned out well today. I am not the DIY type myself- I have no patience :) Yumm Chickfila is my go too fast food and as always I'm sure I'll be craving it like crazy tomorrow!

  10. I am definitely in the middle of a GG marathon...and now I want Chick Fil A!


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