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Oh Hey Friday!

Hey. Guess what.

It's the last Friday before college football season starts! Yay! By this time next week I will have already tailgated for my first football game of the season and will have attended my first one of the season. If only it were a Clemson game... instead, I will be here:

Football is football though, right?

I'll try to limit the football talk in today's post because trust me, you'll get a lot of it next week and throughout the season. You will probably be sick of it before we're even halfway through the season.

Sorry I'm not sorry.

Is anybody else sad to see summer end? I know I'm excited for football season but I am not excited yet for scarves, peacoats, and boots. I'd like a few more hot, sunny weekends down at the beach before calling it quits for the year!


Ok so I know that I just said that I wasn't ready for fall, but I was ready for some chili this week. I found this recipe for chili last year and absolutely love it. I made a huge pot of it earlier this week and then proceeded to eat it for lunch and dinner for the next three days. Oops. But it is so delicious, especially if you're not a huge fan of beans {yuck!}

Yes, that is zucchini... in chili... and carrots too!

Chick-fil-A, I love you.


Chicken & Waffles are now on the breakfast menu? Yes, please.

I was a little skeptical about moving into an apartment complex that wasn't completely finished yet & having all of this construction going on around me. You know what? I love it. To me it's fascinating to look out my window every day when I get home & see how much has changed since that morning. Nerd status? Yes.

Except for the 5:30am wake up call this morning... that I could do without.

But this? This I need.

I need some Clemson football back in my life. 8 days to go!




  1. "Football is football though, right?" Girlfriend....you have drank the other team's garnet and black kool-aid haven't you? Spit that stuff out and only drink the orange stuff! :) Gah! Hahah JK of course! So excited about football season DUH and o.m.g. god bless Chick-fil-a....... Have a great weekend!

  2. yes FOOTBALL IS FOOTBALL. i cannot wait. and zucchini in chili? never thought of that but my zucchini obsession is through the roof - so why not? happy friday :)

  3. Even though everything is great in this post (as usual) I'm going to go ahead and agree with 'sorry not sorry' bc football season is PRETTY much here!!!! haha have a fab weekend girl!

  4. We have had a countdown to football season starting again since January! haha I'm ready for game days again! Good luck to Clemson - hope they have a great season! :)
    Katie @ Sweet Little Ones

  5. i am excited for Fall,too.

    great blog you have!!

  6. The Clemson stadium looks awesome!! I was never big into football, but I am learning so much more every season. Have a great weekend :)

  7. Oh I am right there with you. I am want to get one more trip to the beach but besides that I am ready for fall!! Bring on the boots and scarves please. The chicken and waffles at Chick Fil A should be out by the end of this year!! So excited to give it a try.

  8. I can't wait for the first Penn State game of the season!! Just a few more days! Although I am with you, I would like a few more hot sunny weekends before fall hits full force!


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