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It Sure Would Be Nice To Have...

You've seen those tailgates. I know you have. They're the ones that seem to have thought of everything and their tailgate is completely decked out.

Everything is in the appropriate school colors.
There are signs hanging up with the name of the tailgate.
There's fake grass laid out underneath the tent.
All of the food is labeled with cute little cards or little baby chalkboards.
There's a TV set up in the back of the SUV.
Everything is monogrammed {including the small children running around in cheerleading outfits or football jerseys}

Yeah, you know what kind of tailgate I'm talking about. You'll walk by it and inevitably see something that you've got to have for your own tailgate.

No? That might just be my mom and me then.

It starts the same way every time. My mom and I go to a game by ourselves to have a girls' game and we spot something fun at someone else's tailgate. So we head to a store downtown & buy it. It's how we ended up with Clemson car flags, tiger paw magnets, and Clemson wine glasses.

That's also how we ended up with this table last year.

Here's a few more of my favorite Clemson/tailgating accessories...

The Mee Too Clemson Acrylic Goblet. I received one of these for Christmas one year and it was the greatest thing ever... I have about six of these now but my Clemson one with the bling in the stem is by far my favorite.

The Tiger Paw face tatoo, the "Beat {insert team here}" sticker, and the Tiger Rag.

A tailgate grill is a necessity. We went many years without having one at our tailgates but  didn't know what we were missing because the last couple have been amazing with it. Hello grilled chicken tenders, kabobs, hamburgers, hot dogs, and bacon wrapped jalapeno shrimp.
{ps - shout out to grill master Patrick! Today's his 29th birthday!}

What's a tailgate without tailgate games? Cornhole & Ladder Golf are my two favorites. Don't you love our neutral game board? We have orange/purple bags and garnet/black bags to go with it.

Can you believe it? Football is back TOMORROW!

Go Tigers! Beat UGA!


  1. I always wanted to go to one of those fancy tailgates.. haha. Southerners really do it right at tailgates. I haven't been back for a game since graduating though so we do what we can at home. Love your cornhole boards!

  2. You are getting me so excited for football games!! I agree with Caitlyn - those fancy tailgates are always fun!! It's too bad UF isn't playing Clemson this year - i'd gladly go to your tailgate!!

  3. Tailgating is definitely one of the best parts of football! I always try and binge games in September/October. Last year I went to a game and it was -10 degrees last year!

  4. I love the table and the cornhole set!


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