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Kiawah House: Summer Update

Y'all, weekends at Kiawah are so good for the soul.

There were sunset drinks on the beach, a lot of biking, an insanely long run, hours basking in the sun on the beach, drinks & dinner at The Ryder Cup Bar, and a lot of relaxation. It was exactly what I needed. I'd been missing Kiawah! 33 days with no Kiawah makes for one sad girl.

Speaking of Kiawah, remember that time that I gave y'all a tour of the Kiawah house & updated you on our deck & then never shared anything else about the house?

Well here are a couple of updates for you!

{entry way}


& after:

This was one of the first updates that my parents made. That's a new entry way table, rug, and lamp. Oh! & the bird picture is also a new addition.

{sitting area}

Here's the before picture:

& the after:

This area just got updated... as in my parents took the furniture with them to the beach last Thursday. It hasn't even been there a week. But I love sitting there because the chairs swivel and you can turn around to watch the lagoon. We all know I love to watch the lagoon and hunt down the gators ;)

{Benjamin's bedroom}

Here's the before picture:

Whew. There's so much going on in that room! I had forgotten what it used to look like because it is completely different now:

My bathroom, now that it's been completely renovated, is a work of art. But you'll have to wait a little bit longer to see the before & after pictures of that! Mainly because the walls in there are super bare and they need a picture or two hung up.


  1. Thanks for taking such great pics. The house is coming along nicely. Can't wait to start on your room. Got any ideas?

  2. Wow this place looks gorgeous! The sitting area looks amazing!!

    <3, Pamela

  3. Oh wow the change of furniture styles makes a huge difference. My husband and I are talking about investment properties for way down the road. I secretly hope we can get a place in SC!

  4. LOVELY!!! I'm totally crashing next time (haha) ;)

  5. i am so loving the transformation! that entry is beautiful and i love how open the living area is!

  6. LOVEE the transformation!! such a beachy feel!

  7. wow! what a transformation. love the bird picture, and that bedroom is perfect!


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