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Oh Hey Friday!

I'm sorry, what? It's August already? Where in the world did my summer go?!

Thank goodness there are still some beach & lake weekends to be had before football season starts. That's right y'all. It's August 1st and football season starts this month! 29 days to go!

I hosted the first Taco Tuesday in the new apartment this week. Yup. I waited all of two days before having some friends over for a taco night. To be fair... it had been a very long time since our last Taco Tuesday! The bad news is that I now have a really awesome queso dip recipe in my collection that is a) easy to make & b) delicious. This is going to be trouble.

Amy's leaving us tomorrow for London! I'm sad to see her go but I've got my fingers crossed that she's going to blog about her adventures in England. Hint hint, cough cough.

Signed up for my next 5K! It's the Yiasou Greek Festival 5K that's held at the end of August {two weeks before the actual event?} & I've heard rumor that it is the most flat/the fastest 5K course in Charlotte. I'm all about not running up hills! Although, running a 5K is a far cry from how I spent the Greek Festival last year...

Four weeks until football season.

This is coming to Columbia sometime in the near future.

You better believe I will take a day off of work & get the VIP pass for this.


Now I just need this rain to hit the road so I can enjoy a weekend outdoors. Happy Friday!


  1. Can Amanda and I become part of Taco Tuesday :) that queso dip looks amazing, have a great weekend!

  2. Yay for football season!!! That water slide down the street looks ah-mazing! I can always for for an easy queso dip! Stopping by from the linkup!

  3. Really hoping you share that queso dip recipe with us!!! That is the most epic water slide ever!!! Have a great weekend!

  4. Your #4 is absolutely after my heart! :) Also, Taco Tues? I'm in!

  5. i completely agree with katie for taco tuesday! queso is my jam.

    and HOLD CHECK - what is this slip & slide thing you have here?!?!

  6. That giant water slide looks AMAZING. I'm pretty sure I saw a Facebook friend post about starting a campaign to get it to come to Dallas, haha! Have a great weekend!

  7. Oh man the rain was awful here this weekend in Raleigh. Oh goodness, that slip and slide even looks completely crazy. I saw it is coming to Wilmington and could not imagine fighting the college kids for a trip on the slide!


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