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Five on Friday: Married Edition

For the first time in seven years... I didn't pack a bag for the weekend. Patrick didn't pack a bag for the weekend. I'm not driving two hours to Columbia, he's not driving two hours to Charlotte. I don't even have to make that 20 minute drive across town that I made for the last 14 months. But we still get to see each other?!

Y'all. It's our first weekend ever where we're both living in the same city, in the same house. Patrick asked me if I was ready for this weekend. My response?

"I've been waiting for YEARS for this weekend!!!"
We have exciting things planned.
Errands. House work. Meal planning & meal prepping. More house work. Probably some yard work too because we live in a jungle these days. Church. A lot of Olympic watching. Thank you note writing.
I can't wait!
This past Monday was Patrick's mom's birthday & so we all went out to eat at Mediterranean Café in Lexington, SC for her birthday dinner.

Plus, it was his older sister's going away dinner as she left the next day to return to London :(
I got to cook in the kitchen of our new house this week. Granted, I've cooked in it before a few times. But this is the first week that I've been 100% in my kitchen {/outside cooking on the grill} and it is fantastic. I can't even explain it.

Also, stay tuned for a house update next week! That whole "we're not going to do anything else until after the wedding" thing didn't exactly happen. Plus we've already completed a few things in the four days we've been back in town.
3 weeks until college football {& tailgating!} is back in our lives!

Now that wedding planning is over, I can concentrate on planning football season. Tailgates in Clemson, tailgates in the fairgrounds for Carolina games, and parties at our house for away games {is it bad that we have already planned 3 of those?}

Here's hoping that this season I can avoid packing the rain jacket, the ponchos, the extra clothes, the rain boots, and Bean boots and that we have a lot more sunshine at our tailgates this year!

Last night, we met up with a friend of mine, her boyfriend, and Patrick's old roommate at Craft & Draft on Devine Street in Columbia for their "Battle of the Breweries" evening. Up on tap? Ballast Point and Low Tide. You know that as soon as I saw that Low Tide was going to be in town that I had to go.

As always, the beers were delicious and it was nice to have a little bit of our low country favorite in town for one evening.

I am SO excited for this high school friend, college roommate, sorority sister, and bridesmaid of mine... she and her husband just announced that they are expecting a sweet baby girl in January!

Ashley had just found out she was pregnant before my brewery-filled bachelorette weekend in June {& the above picture is from a brewery where she had zero to drink and somehow I missed that} and she filled me in on the secret a week or so before our wedding. I wanted to make sure that Ashley could still participate in our wedding weekend fun, so there might have been a bottle or two of alcohol-free sparkling wine floating around :) I could not be happier for her and her husband Andrew!
Happy Friday, y'all!


  1. So exciting to have your first weekend of married life in your new house! Congrats! I too am so excited that football is coming. I'm not hardcore into college but NFL tailgating makes me just as happy!

  2. I second that Clemson tailgating! I've got a couple of outfits planned for Fridays before games so I hope my boss doesn't mind orange and purple!

    Such a fun Five on Friday!!

  3. So excited for you! My husband lived in New Jersey and I was still living in South Carolina when we were engaged. It was tough! So, so nice when long distance comes to an end and you can finally wake up next to your husband! We are also excited for Clemson tailgating this year! Love that basket.

  4. The first married weekend in the same house is the BEST! My husband and I have been married 11 months today but spent our entire engagement apart while he lived overseas. Love your blog by the way, happy Friday!

  5. You are definitely the cutest!! Enjoy this first married weekend in your new home! SO fun!! And I'm counting down to football too... I've even got a series on tailgate styling coming soon! Can't wait!!

  6. So happy your and your husband are reunited in the same city! My husband & I didn't long distance pretty much the entire time we dated and it was hard so I couldn't imagine being married and doing it! I just moved to Louisiana so I will get to experience my first SEC football season with some LSU Tiger football. I grew up in the Midwest so I'm excited to see what some hardcore tailgating looks like!

  7. So excited for you this weekend! Sounds like you have a ton planned - cannot wait to see your home tour update!

  8. That seriously has to be the best feeling in the world, to finally have the weekend to both be together in YOUR house! Have fun doing all the normal "adult" things! I also can't believe that it's seriously time for football! It's going to be so hot tailgating, but I'm so excited for it!

  9. WHooo HOoo for football season finally coming back! So excited and ready for it!

  10. Yay for finally getting to live together and not travel to see each other! My husband and I were in the same boat--he lived in Mississippi working during the entire time we dated and the first few months of our engagement. Then he finally moved back home and moved in with his parents for a new job until we were married a few months later. Our entire relationship was pretty much long distance so marriage is great!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  11. Yay for married life - so happy for you!! I cannot wait for football season & all things Fall :)

  12. YAY for being back together in one spot!! AndYAYYYY for college football. UGA fan here, and I cannot wait until kickoff!!

  13. I hope this weekend was the BEST. Yay married life!!

  14. yay for the first weekend together!! who is that meal for?! that looks like a child's meal ;) jk it's probably properly portioned, i'm just a fatty.


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